This Is What Happens When You Give a 6-Year Old $1,000 to Spend in a Day

What would your perfect day consist of?

Locking yourself in a room with every video game console and every game you’d want to play? Dining at the finest restaurants in the world while chatting with the brilliant chefs who made the amazing food set before you? Via Laughing Squid, one particular six-year-old boy was recently asked this very question, and was given $1,000 to make his dream day come true.

The guys behind the YouTube channel Yes Theory offered one of their friend’s kids, a precocious youngster named Huck, a grand to spend in a day, and he often spent it in ways you’d imagine a boy his age would: Home Alone inspired him to get a limo, eats some pizza, goes to Toys ‘R’ Us (rest in peace, sweet toy store), and plays virtual reality games. Huck didn’t spend all the money on himself, though. He also made sure to give some cash to buskers and the less fortunate among us, because children are more pure than you or I will ever be.

What would be your perfect day—something elaborate and expensive, or would you prefer to spend your perfect day in the company of family and friends? And for a more practical question: How would you spend $1,000 in 24 hours? Share your dream scenario down in the comments!

Featured image: Yes Theory/YouTube

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