6 Startling SPLIT Connections You May Have Missed

In a twist worthy of M. Night Shyamalan‘s earliest films,  Split has turned out to be both a hit stand-alone movie and a prelude to something even bigger story in the Shyamalan-verse. What’s next for Horde and that suspiciously familiar face at the end of Split? Light up the spoiler warnings, because today’s Nerdist News is all about the startling connections between Split and a beloved movie from Shyamalan’s past.Seriously though, we are totally going to ruin the ending for Split in this video. It’s a really good one too, so if you plan to see the movie then we highly suggest that you accept this final spoiler warning.Join host and nigh-invulnerable heroine, Jessica Chobot as she spells out the parallels between Split and Unbreakable, the low-key superhero origin film that Shyamalan made in 2000. Bruce Willis’ surprise reappearance as David Dunn may have caught audiences off-guard, but the hints were there all along. For starters, Split‘s leading man, Kevin Crumb has an alliterative name, much like David, and most of the Marvel superheroes from the ’60s. And much like David’s first nemesis, Mr. Glass, Kevin finds his strength from being mentally broken. Call us crazy, but wouldn’t a Mr. Glass and Horde team up be a great way to put the screws to David in Unbreakable 2? Given the strength of Split‘s box office, that’s looking a lot more likely to happen.Are you excited to see more stories set in Shyamalan’s superhero universe? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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