6 Easy Exercises to Become a Max Hit Points Rogue

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From the roof of an enemy fortress on a cold night to the carpet of a living room during a quiet Sunday afternoon, the world can be your gym. As you watch Max Hit Points and learn fitness the Nerdstrong way, familiarize yourself with these moves in this Rogue routine. To stay in shape, members of this class rely on a handful of simple-yet-effective exercises that can be busted out, anywhere and anytime. They provide a solid exercise survey, working the arms, legs, and core while testing strength, agility, and stamina.


Get as flat-to-the-ground as you can, as fast as you can, then pop up quick and do it again. Once you’ve done it a few times, try to be like a wiggling Sand Worm from Planet Arrakis. Combine all the steps into one continuous motion, so your hands are pushing you back up before your feet even touch the ground.

Jump Squat

First, get your hands behind your ears as if you’re listening for the calls of distant eagles at the peak of Middle-Earth’s Carrock. Then, bend your legs and lower your butt while keeping your back straight. “Coil the springs” in your feet, then let them loose! Leap into the air, land into a squat, and then repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

Split Jump

Despite what the name suggests, this exercise doesn’t involve Rogues leaping into the air and extending their legs to simultaneously kick two Putty Patrolers flying at them from opposite directions. Start with your right foot all the way forward and your left foot all the way back, then hop up, and switch ’em. Keep switching, again and again, and if you feel a burn in your thighs, you’re doing it right.


This may seem basic, but take heed… it’s deceptively simple. Almost anybody can knock out a “push-up.” Executing one with correct technique requires Jedi-like commitment and a most serious mind, however. Keep your gut in and your butt down. Bend your arms to right angles until your chest is jusssssst above the ground, then straighten them (don’t lock your elbows, though!) and do it again.


Another old standard with subtle complexity. To start, lay on your back with your legs bent so your knees are at right angles. Then curl into yourself until your gut’s as close to your thighs as it’ll get. Maybe you were taught to do this with your hands behind your head, but that actually engages your arms more than your abs, so try to move past it. For full core engagement, cross your arms on your chest like Dracula and rise out of the proverbial coffin.

Plank Hold

That meme from a couple years back may have made this look goofy, but planking is no joke. Make like you’re about to do a push-up, but drop to your elbows for support, and then simply see how long you can hold the position. When your abs start shaking, tough it out. That’s where the true challenge lies.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with these movements, start running through them like rungs on a challenge ladder. Move quickly, but surely, with the eventual goal of landing softly with controlled breathing. For starters, though, trying running through three rounds of this particular routine.

  1. Jump Squat (20 sec)
  2. Rest (15 sec)
  3. Split Jump (30 sec)
  4. Rest (15 sec)
  5. Push-up (20 sec)
  6. Rest (15 sec)
  7. Sit-up (30 sec)
  8. Rest (15 sec)
  9. Plank Hold (20 sec)
  10. Rest (60 sec)

Can you handle the Rogue workout? Share your training techniques in the talkback. Catch Max Hit Points on Alpha every Friday at 6PM (PST).

Image Credits: Nerdstrong Gym

Feature Images: Wizards of the Coast

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