6 Easy Exercises to Become a Max Hit Points Fighter

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Often the first to a fight–covered in armor, with shield in hand and weapons waving–Fighters must be prepared for any kind of battle. They must not only be quick, but also ready to throw some weight around. Thus, dumbbells are fundamental to the Fighter’s work-out.

As you watch MaxHP, take Nerdstrong‘s example and race with it. You only need a weight or two, and you can bring them anywhere. Whether you’re busting reps while on an adventure or merely squeezing some exercise in at your hotel room during a vacation, doing this routine with some added weight is sure to get you into Fighter’s shape.


Like a squat +1 (or +2, if we’re counting dumbbells). Hold the weights around your ears, with fingers facing into your cheeks. Then, bend your legs, getting your butt low as it’ll go while keeping your back straight. Once you stand back up, though… keep going! Lift the weights over your head like Daredevil raising his billy clubs to deflect a ninja attack from above.

Shoulder Press

Grab a seat and keep your back straight. Hold the dumbbells at shoulder level with fingers facing forward, then press the weights all the way up. Breathing is important. Take a breath in, and hold it as your finish your press. Breath out when the weights come back to your shoulders. And for extra explosiveness, act like Black Canary on the latter step and let a mighty sonic scream loose as you finish each rep.

High Pull

Bend your knees with a straight back, and hold the dumbbells with an overhand grip just below your kneecaps. Then, in one explosive motion, straighten your whole body and get on your toes, lifting the weights as high as you can get them. For helpful visuals, picture the bells as Green Lantern power batteries your raising for a re-charge, again and again.

Lateral Raise

Take some cues from Dr. Kirk Langstrom, the Man-Bat, and get ready to flap your wings. Hold the dumbbells at your sides, then swing them up and outward until they’re at about chin level. Keep each motion slow and controlled – up and down, without any excess momentum– and you’ll be sure to fly.

Hammer Curl

Imagine you’ve gained possession of Mjonir. Pretty cool, right? Well, how about two of them? You’d want to show those epic viking hammers off, wouldn’t you? Hold the dumbbells at your sides and lift them up, but don’t twist your forearms on the way up like you would with regular bicep curls. Instead, cross the weights on your chest, so you’re really feeling the burn in your forearm and triceps.

Russian Twist

Despite the name, this isn’t actually some cinnanon-swirled treat Whiplash might enjoy in a bakery back in the Old Country. Get on your butt with your ankles pressed together. Then, lean back and bend your knees so your feet are off the floor just a little. It’s a bit like holding yourself halfway through a crunch. With a straight neck, hold the dumbbell out and start swerving it from hip to hip.

There you have it. The six steps of a Fighter’s work-out. Run through them and see how your power increases. In fact, for starters, see how many of these sets you can repeat in ten minutes. If it gets easy, then challenge your Fighter’s stamina and see how many sets you can do in 20 minutes, or 30.

  1. Thruster (6x)
  2. Shoulder Press (8x )
  3. Hi-Pull (6x)
  4. Lateral Raise (8x)
  5. Hammer Curl (6x)
  6. Russian Twists (8x)

Have you the steel for the Fighter workout? Share your techniques in the talkback. Remember to catch Max Hit Points on Fridays at 6pm PST on Alpha.

Image Credits: Wizards of the Coast

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