The 5 Stages of Your Favorite TV Show Ending

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The time has come. The final note has been sung. Your favorite show is over for good and it’s time to start grieving. Maybe it was a planned ending you’d been preparing for all season or maybe you never saw it coming. Here’s a guide through the grieving process in order to get over the one that got away.


This is an important first step in the grieving process. During this step you begin re-watching the aforementioned show that is over. Binge watch it on Netflix, tweet about it endlessly and convince your friends to start watching. Keeping it alive in your heart means it isn’t over!


You may notice yourself start to get angry. You’re mad at your friends who didn’t watch the show. You’re mad at the network for letting it end. Those actors should’ve fought to keep the show going forever. Everyone is to blame for your heart being broken. During this stage you should stay off of the internet.


Now is the time to write letters to the network asking for a reunion. Tweet at every actor and writer to ask if they’ll ever work with each other again, swearing you’ll watch whatever their next project is if they just consider relaunching the show again in the future. Find the fan twitter account and join forces to keep hope alive for anything related to the show released in the future.


The reality of the end of the show has set in and you’re devastated. Take time to be sad. Lay in bed watching the saddest episodes of the show while you cry. This is a healthy reaction to the loss of something you love and a necessary step in moving on.


So it’s over and you’ve finally accepted it. You’re not happy but you don’t burst into tears at the mention of the show anymore. You’ll be ok. You’re ready to start watching TV again. Maybe you find a show that reminds you of the other or maybe you’ll need one completely different.

You might be tempted to never watch TV again just to avoid the heartbreak. But remember:

“‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

– Alfred Lord Tennyson

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