5 Reasons To Go See Krampus

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I know in the heat of Star Wars hype, it may be easy to overlook all other movies, but if there’s one that deserves your attention, it’s Krampus. The movie hit theatres earlier this month, just in time to coincide with the actual Krampusnacht holiday, and is a unique and fresh twist on an old legend. Here are 5 reasons to get to the theatre to witness it for yourself:

1.) It’s a unique blend of horror and comedy not often seen.
It’s a fine line to straddle when it comes to horror and comedy. A film can’t be so horrific that you forget to laugh, and it can’t be so funny that the scares don’t land. Krampus manages to navigate to a happy medium that’s reminiscent of another holiday classic: Gremlins.

2.) Practical effects abound. 

There is something very chilling about when the tangible is captured in a horror film. Krampus works very hard to use as many real-life effects as possible and saves the CG for when it’s really necessary. It makes the action feel so much more real.

3.) It features a Big Bad from German folklore.

I have heard countless times how tired people are of remakes, sequels, and general unoriginality. This film manages to pull in folklore not often seen in feature film. Krampus is sinister, has a rich history, and is a hell of a better incentive than Santa for kids to behave through the year.

4.) The cast manages to sell a very dysfunctional but also relatable family.

The cast of Krampus is not messing around. The actors have the chops to deftly swing from drama to comedy and back again. And the family in the film will either make yours look amazing by comparison or be a painful reminder of awkward family gatherings.

5.) It has heart, but all hearts are also on the table.

Much like reading a Stephen King novel, you’ll quickly find no characters are safe. The movie refuses to pull punches and does not shy away from letting its inner darkness seep out.

I can safely say that for me, Krampus is going to find itself on my short list of required holiday viewing from now on.

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