5 Gaming Podcasts For All Kinds of Gamers

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As we’ve mentioned before, these days there are podcasts on almost every subject. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to find a podcast dedicated to whatever your favorite obsession is. So since we love gaming and we know you do too, we scrounged the internet for awesome gaming podcasts. Whether you’re into video games, board games, card games, or RPGs; there’s something here for you. Grab your headphones, download these podcasts, and fill every second of your day with gaming!

The Patch

Image Credit: The Patch / iTunes

Produced by Rooster Teeth, The Patch is both a podcast and video series. Covering primarily video games, this entertaining group will keep you interested in any topic. Whether you’re in it for the specific game discussions, news, or just some laughs, The Patch won’t disappoint. Who doesn’t want to listen to a bunch of pals discussing games for an hour? Plus, there are over 140 episodes to keep you busy for a few weeks!

The Dice Tower

Image Credit: The Dice Tower

Interested in board games or card games? The Dice Tower just might be the podcast for you. With a mix of guests, top ten lists, and discussion about specific games; Tom and Eric are the hosts and gaming gurus. Just getting into board games? No problem. This podcast is perfect for beginners. Ready to learn more about the gaming community, games, and issues? Check out The Dice Tower now.

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

Image Credit: The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

Maybe you’re into all kinds of tabletop games, rather than one specific type. Well, here’s a great podcast for you. On The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast, five friends sit around and chat about board games, card games, miniatures, RPGs, and more! There are over 100 episodes, featuring everything from game reviews to industry news, and just plain old entertaining discussions about games. Start by listening to The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast and then dive straight into the gaming community.

Match 3

Image Credit: Match 3 Podcast

Match 3 isn’t your average gaming podcast. Instead of simply reviewing games, Match 3 explores “the cultural context of video games”. Hosted by Kotaku reporter Patrick Klepek, freelance writer Gita Jackson, and middle school teacher Sam Phillips; Match 3 features thoughtful and interesting conversations surrounding games. And with over 40 episodes in the bank, you have plenty to keep you busy for a while!

Shut Up & Sit Down

Image Credit: Shut Up & Sit Down / iTunes

If you ever run out of games to play, head over to Shut Up & Sit Down, where you’ll find almost 40 episodes of board game reviews primed to entertain everyone from newbies to experts. With funny, entertaining hosts Paul and Quinns; you’ll learn everything you need to know about board games along with some critical analysis. It’s fun and informative–which is pretty much the perfect combination as far as podcasts go.

No podcast is the same so you might need to try a variety of shows, episodes, and formats to find what works best for you. In every podcast on the list, you’ll find passionate people discussing their love of gaming. So, it’s basically a win-win situation here.

What did we miss? Let us know what gaming podcasts you’re listening to in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: The Patch

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