5 Easy Exercises to Become a Max Hit Points Ranger

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Versatility and balance. These are the virtues of a true Ranger. Like Elektra the assassin and Strider (or “Aragorn,” if you’re a friend), they can carry long swords, wield bows, and switch between the two as freely as the situation requires. Such adaptability requires both strength and speed, of course, and this Ranger’s work-out bolsters both. After you watch tonight’s Max Hit Points, take  Nerdstrong‘s ethos to heart and put its practices into action. Rangers-in-training can do these exercises anywhere, from the forests of Fangorn to a field behind some District 12 barn.

High Knees

You’re the Flash on the Cosmic Treadmill. You need to race back to the past and foil whatever plot Zoom is putting on there. And the only way you’re getting there is by running as hard as you can… in place. Stay on the balls of your feet, and with each step, bring your knees up as fast and as high as you can. (Try for waist height, if possible). For added balance and power, pump your arms in concert in pace, too.

Push-up to T-Plank Rotation

Recall Supergirl, sailing through the clouds. Navigating the air for turns and spins requires some movement of the arms and this exercise adds some gravity to all that. Start in a plank position, then perform a full push-up. As you extend your arms, twist your torso and raise one hand up, reaching for the sky. If your body makes a T-shape as you’re stacking your shoulders over each other, then you’re doing it right. Return to plank position and alternate sides.

Mountain Climbers

You’re Frodo, scaling Mount Doom to drop off that pesky One Ring, only you’ve got to stay low. Not only are you trying to dodge the Eye of Sauron’s sight, the cursed jewelry is also weighing heavy. So, you’ve got to hunker down and get into plank position. Staying on the balls of your feet, keep your hands under your shoulders, then quickly bring your knees to your elbows, one at a time, over and over, as if sprinting in place.


That masked mystery man V needs a show of support for his rebellious vendetta. Others simply make the peace sign, but you want to express true solidarity. So, you’ve gotta lie flat on your back with your arms overhead. Keeping legs straight, bring your toes up, and try to reach for them. Balance on your butt as you bring your fingers and toes together, quickly and repeatedly. This movement makes a V-shape out of your whole body, generating power and speed in your core, and building strength in your abs and upper quads.

Heartbeat Squat

This does require a weight of some kind. Could be a stuffed backpack, a sandbag, or Captain America’s star-spangled shield. Make like Cap, defending and deflecting a low attack at his chest. Drop into a full squat, with the weight held close to the middle of your chest, then extend your arms and hold the weight out in front of you. Hit “rewind” after that. Bring the weight back to your chest, rise into standing position, and then start all over.

Now, all proper Rangers, whether they’re roaming the plains of Rohan or auditioning for the next Super Sentai squadron, should strive to pull off five rounds of this routine. Do a quick warm-up and drink plenty of water first, then try the exercises in these intervals, resting for 15 seconds inbetween each.

  1. Run in Place (or a 200m run) [30 sec]
  2. Push-up to T-Plank Rotation [60 sec]
  3. V-Up [30 sec]
  4. Mountain Climbers [30 sec]
  5. Heartbeat Squats [60 sec]

Can you take up the Rangers’ challenge and morph your body into superheroic shape? Share your techniques in the talkback. And remember to catch Max Hit Points on Fridays at 6pm PST on Alpha.

Image Credits: Wizards of the Coast

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