4 Ways Fringe Will Give You The X-Files Feels

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When I started watching Fringe for the first time, I’ll admit that it was mainly for Joshua Jackson reasons. I expected a typical crime show with some creepy science fiction cases thrown in there. What I didn’t expect was a heartfelt story about family, loyalty, and relationships. And luckily, that’s exactly what I got. In fact, it reminded me of another show that started out being about the cases but quickly became about the relationships— The X-Files.

If you’re a fan of Mulder and Scully, here’s a few ways Fringe will give you similar feels.

The Set Up

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Fringe followed badass FBI agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) who enlisted scientist Walter Bishop (John Noble) to help track down criminals who used fringe science—basically technologically advanced science projects. Walter, however, needed some babysitting. Enter his son, Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) who wasn’t really into the whole rule-following thing. While Olivia was pretty skeptical of these unexplained crimes, Walter constantly insisted fringe science exists. Sound familiar?

The X-Files also had a logical badass FBI agent who questioned unexplained phenomenon. Maybe Olivia and Scully can start some sort of club? The constant struggle between the logical and the unexplained is part of what made each of these shows unique. Plus there’s some government conspiracy—which is a nice bonus.

The Relationships

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Part of what made both Fringe and The X-Files so distinctive were their dedication to evolving relationships. It’d be easy for the case-of-the-week to become the main focus of these shows, but instead, the heart of the shows remained in the relationships. While Scully seemed to disagree with Mulder almost constantly, she remained loyal in defending him to their higher ups. Likewise, Olivia always fought for Walter, even when he was driving her insane with his theories–basically all of the time! Walter’s strained relationship with Peter was the only reason he agreed to help in the first place. The friendship and romantic tension between Scully and Mulder made for a highly dedicated fanbase. Peter and Olivia’s complex relationship spanning universes was one of the most unique aspects of Fringe. You couldn’t help but wish they’d get it together! The emotional focus of each show made them stand out from your typical crime drama while forcing the audience to become attached to each character.

The Characters

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Loyalty was one of the defining characteristics on both of these shows. Whether Scully’s loyalty to Mulder, Mulder’s loyalty to pursuing the truth, Olivia’s loyalty to justice, or Walter’s loyalty to Peter; the characters of Fringe and The X-Files all inspired loyalty from each other and the viewers. Without the ability to connect with the characters, a show loses it’s greatest asset, a passionate audience. The X-Files and Fringe both featured complex characters who—for the most part—wanted to help people. They all sought the truth but used different tactics. Scully, Peter, and Olivia were logical while Mulder and Walter were more open to the unexplained. Having both types of characters allows the audience to have questions answered but still remain in the world of the show. Basically, if each character has a believable argument, it’s good!

The Creepiness

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Whether it was some unexplained scientific experiment or a town full of cannibals, Fringe and The X-Files knew how to bring the creepy factor. Since Fringe took place more recently, the ties to technological advancement were huge plot points in the show. The impact of humans and technology in the world is still relevant, making tech-based cases alarming. The X-Files creepiness ranged from terrifying insects to “too real” situations. Since biological terrorism is a real danger in our lives, these crimes were often unnerving.

Whether it’s the characters, cases, or relationships; Fringe and The X-Files are each stand-out science fiction shows. They were able to cultivate passionate audiences and maintain the true heart of the show. So if you’ve only watched one, consider venturing out to watch the other. Both are available for streaming on Netflix. Get binging!

How do Fringe and The X-Files compare? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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