4 Amazing Games You Might Have Missed at E3 2018

It’s hard to not be distracted by E3 2018‘s huge announcements and dazzling trailers for upcoming games that are the next installments of beloved series or based on your favorite superheroes. ( Spider-Man looks spectacular, though, doesn’t it?) Nestled among those bright lights and earth-shattering presentations were brief looks at smaller indie titles that PlayStation and Xbox seemed just as excited to feature.

Here are four indie games spotlighted during E3 that might not have gotten some of the same attention as the big titles you’re looking forward to, but are colorful, quirky, and just as exciting.

Knights and Bikes

It’s easy to get a Goonies vibe from Foamsword Games’ Knights and Bikes. PlayStation featured the adventure game, set on a British island in the 1980s, during their livestream early into E3. Players take control of girls Nessa and Demelza on a quest to explore, meet (and save) the locals, and of course, look for a hidden, mysterious treasure. And you’ll take care of a pet goose named Captain Honkers—what else do we need to say?

Knights and Bikes will be available on Steam and PlayStation 4 with an unannounced release date.


If you were dismayed that a new Animal Crossing title wasn’t announced during Nintendo’s E3 presentation, Ooblets can turn that frown upside down. In this upcoming indie game published by Double Fine, you’ll take over a farm and take it from dilapidated to delightful. Customize your character, collect adorable ooblets, grow crops, sell goods, and more in this colorfully cute game. At E3 2018, the Ooblets development team (of just two people!) announced a new dance-off system that replaces a traditional battle system for capturing ooblets.

Ooblets will be available on Steam and Xbox One later this year.


During the Xbox presentation at E3 2018, a little fox made a big splash. Tunic is an isometric action adventure that takes the adorable character through lush, sunlit forests and dark, mysterious ruins on a quest to unlock an enigmatic glyph language and defeat the rampaging monsters. (The glyphs are even part of the game’s text, making their translation a vital part of your adventure.) The calming colors and soothing soundtrack immediately make the game stand out, but don’t let them lull you into thinking Tunic will be a laidback lark around the island.

Tunic is coming to Xbox One and Steam in 2019.

Vacation Simulator

Owlchemy Labs stopped by the PlayStation Live stream to talk about their upcoming sequel in spirit to 2016’s Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator. It’s the year 2050, and robots have made a vacation simulation to help entertain the bored humans of the future. Hang out in the water, build sandcastles, play sports, and more in this whimsical and irreverent VR experience. While the beach is heavily featured in the first looks at the game, Owlchemy teased that you might also need some hiking boots during your VR vacation.

Vacation Simulator is coming to PlayStation VR, Oculus, and Vive in late 2018/early 2019.

Which title caught your eye at E3 this year? Tell us about it in the comments.

Featured Image: Finji

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