3D Printer Makes Chocolate Structures and We Need One

Right now, it looks like the future will be built by 3D printers. Although they’re often on the pricier now, the technology will eventually become more accessible and allow just about everybody to make items they want or need, like plastic parts, toys, and what have you, in their own homes. We’re reaching a critical point in 3D printing technology at this very moment. Case-in-point: We’re starting to print food, and it all looks super neat.

Take, for example, this 3D chocolate printer, a LulzBot TAZ 4 3D Printer, that ditches plastic “inks” in favor of chocolate.

In the clip above, using a piece of bread as a base for what we’re sure are valid reasons, you can see this beautiful machine in action, first making a chocolate mug from the ground up and then another type of mug: a human face. We’re already imagining the possibilities. Let’s say you’re cramming for a big test and you don’t have time to leisurely sip your coffee but still need that sweet, sweet caffeine. All you gotta do is pour your hot liquid gold into a chocolate mug, and then it’s a race against time to finish your beverage before the mug melts and gets a big coffee and chocolate mess on yourself.

Perhaps there are more practical reasons for using a 3D chocolate printer, so if you can think of any, let your vivid imaginations run wild in the comments below.

Featured image: Hazel B. Runge

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