You Can Now Augment Yourself with 3D-Printed Double-Hands

How many times have you looked at your own two hands and dared to dream about the possibilities that would come with having six? You could read three books simultaneously, or play four games of craps while also holding two cocktails. You could… do so many other absurd, seemingly pointless things with four extra hands.

You better think of a list of those things right now, because here before you is a double-hand machine augment that lets you… give a triple high-five? Shoot three free throws at the same time? Really raise the roof?

The double-hand machine augment (which comes via BoingBoing) is the creation of Italy-based bionics company, Youbionic. And in all seriousness, at least the intent behind the robot double-hand seems to be aimed toward helping people. So a sextuple thumbs-up for that.

Federico Ciccarese, Youbionic’s founder, says on LinkedIn that he’s worked for years “projecting and experimenting every day to create something that can help others,” and that “The aim of [Youbionic’s] research is to be able to make a Artificial Hand [sic] that can help those who unfortunately have lost one, giving them the ability to perform the basic actions of every day.”

And while it’s clear that a single bionic hand in place of a missing biological hand would be perfectly reasonable — and even maybe downright awesome — it’s less clear how a double-hand operated by a functional biological hand would work in this capacity. Perhaps it’s only test platform for R&D. Or maybe it’s a prototype that’ll be used in a poker game with the Borax Kid.

What do you think about this double-hand machine augment? Do you see a thousand-and-one uses for this contraption, or only one? (And get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking about one three-handed juggling!)

Images: Federico Youbionic 

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