3D Designer, Melissa Ng, Turns Her Art to Helping Others

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Melissa Ng is the brilliant artist who designed the Dreamer Regalia armor set for Felicia Day, and the end result was a stunning armament that looked worthy of the most powerful elven queens. Self taught, Melissa is a inspiration to aspiring designers everywhere.

Photo Credit: Eric Anderson

This captivating creator has returned with a new design, but for a different reason this time. Melissa has designed a beautiful health potion necklace to benefit her friend Rishi’s father who is fighting stage four lung cancer. Melissa posted Rishi’s story in his own words on her blog and has made sure to note that all profits for this design will be going to cover the medical expenses.

Image Credit: Melissa Ng/Lumecluster

The pendant is based off the of the healing potions from Dragon Age Inquisition and incorporates Melissa’s own style, which uses delicate patterns to give pieces an ethereal feel. I really love how the heart in the center of the potion looks like it is floating. It’s a gorgeous piece that you can add to your own collection or as a gift for a friend. You can support the cause and purchase a health potion on the Shapeways website. The necklace comes in several different materials and ranges in prices from plastic for $18.00 to silver for $120.00.

This is a fantastic example of how members of the  Team Hooman community use their varied and awesome talents to help others and add more beauty to the world. Go Team Hooman!

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