How To Get Better At Learning To Play TableTop Games

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International TableTop Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to get ready! But what if you want to play something you’ve never played before at your event? It’s sometimes pretty difficult to learn a new game from a rule book alone. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered! Here are three tips to help you pick up those rules lickety-split.

Tip #1 Watch Someone Else Play

One of the ways to learn a new game is by watching others play. It can be difficult to learn a new game from the rule book but, as soon as you watch someone else, all of the rules become clear. If you’re ready for a new game, why not check out one of the ones shown on TableTop?

Want something a little more hands on? Stop by one of Geek & Sundry’s Game Nights or a demo night at your friendly local game store. That way, you can make new friends and learn how to play new games at the same time!

Neither of those two options work for you? Why not check if any of your friend’s have it? In fact, you can plan a local ITTD event where all of your friends bring their favorite games and you all teach each other how to play. Who knows? Maybe ITTD will launch a game night tradition for your group!

Tip #2 Play by Yourself

If your friends aren’t collectors of games or are new to the gaming scene, you might be the one teaching them how to play a game. But what if you haven’t played the game before? No problem! Go ahead and run a practice of the game at home first. Play through on your own to get a feel for the game before introducing it to your friends. This way, you’ll learn a new game and be able to help your friends learn too!

Tip #3 Check the Internet

If, after watching TableTop and trying to teach yourself, you’re still unsure about certain aspects on how to play, never fear! The internet is a great place to look for advice and clarification of the rules for any game. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up a game’s rule on the internet and been able to clear up any confusion I’ve had.

There are plenty of articles on Geek & Sundry that go through how to play new games, but if you’re looking for something we haven’t covered yet, there are plenty of forums (like the awesome BoardGameGeek) out there that explain basically every game in the known universe.

Are there any tricks you use to learn a new game when the rule book just isn’t cutting it? Let us know in the comments!

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