3 Women Detectives We Can’t Wait to Meet

There are some compelling women-led mysteries and thrillers out there right now– Killing Eve on BBC America, for example–but there are even more in store for fans of detective stories. These upcoming titles featuring young women detectives (including one very famous one) look promising, from a brand-new character starring in her first game to twists on classic detective stories.

Here are three women-led detective stories we’re excited to see in 2018.

Nancy Drew

Image: Dynamite Comics

This isn’t the Nancy Drew you grew up with. This modern retelling comic book, aimed at teen and older readers, will be out this summer from Dynamite Comics. Written by Kelly Thompson, drawn by Jenn St-Onge, and colored by Triona Farrell, the book has an all-women creative team putting a spin on classic characters. In Nancy Drew #1, due this June, seventeen-year-old Nancy returns to her small hometown. She reconnects with familiar old friends, who might not look like how you might have pictured them long ago, and together they investigate a mysterious threat—to Nancy herself.

Jenny LeClue

A murder mystery involving Jenny LeClue’s mother has this brand new girl detective unraveling the secrets of her hometown. In Jenny LeClue Detectivú, coming soon to PC/Mac, PlayStation 4, and mobile, you will explore the town of Arthurton and investigate. Populated by kooky characters and packed with puzzles, the eerie, luminescent landscape and small town setting are perfectly suited for a good mystery.

A spooky atmosphere, focus on story, puzzles, and a distinctive style make this indie game as intriguing as the mystery itself. Explore Arthurton and expose its secrets in the fall of 2018.

Miss Sherlock

Image: HBO Asia

In this forthcoming Japanese crime drama, Sherlock Holmes arrives with a twist. Miss Sherlock is set in modern day Tokyo with gender-swapped characters based on the classic stories by Doyle. Based on the trailer, the eight episode drama series will be gory and violent with a dash of dark humor. Miss Sherlock premieres worldwide at the end of April on HBO Go.

Featured Image: Mografi Games

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