3 Geeky Pies to Bake On Pi Day

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Because we’re fans of baked goods and love any excuse to fill our bellies with carbs and sugar, we’re big fans of Pi Day, which is today, March 14, and is the perfect excuse to make and eat pies.

Here are 3 pies you might want to consider making at home for Pi Day, or just because pie is awesome.


Nothing gives us a hankerin’ for the Corellian homestead more than homemade apple pie, particularly when it’s it in the shape of a ship that did the Kessel Run in less than 12 pie-sects (sorry).  Anyways, this recipe is pretty straightforward, but the real gem is the instructions for creating a Falcon-shaped vessel using two 9-inch disposable aluminum pie/cake tins. Don’t feel stuck with apple pie, either. The possibilities for the kinds of filling you can smuggle are endless.

If you’re feeling less than crafty, but still like the idea of Star Wars pie, you can always just decorate the top of a pie with extra pie dough cut in various shapes, either by hand or with Star Wars cookie cutters. We’re not picky provided you save us a slice.


Usually consumed on the Day of Honor, this recipe for Rokeg Blood Pie is for the most hardcore Star Trek fans. Be aware, the name isn’t a misnomer – this recipe uses real blood (pig’s blood) as it’s based on a blood pudding recipe that ultimately tastes like “a very rich sausage roll.”

If blood isn’t your thing, you could probably just use this Pioneer Woman chocolate pie recipe instead, but you’ll risk getting called a gutless petaQ.


This one is pretty involved. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the d20 pie isn’t from a cooking blog, but rather on Instructables, as things like hardware and custom-cut pie plates are used.

With that said, it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to reduce this pie down from a d20 to a d4, and if you eat the whole thing, you won’t risk stepping on it.

What pie will you be enjoying this Pi Day? Let us know in the comments what filling you’d hide away in a Millennium Falcon pie!

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