3 Final Fantasy XV Recipes You Can Make in Real Life

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Cooking around the campfire is one of Final Fantasy XV‘s more unique and relaxing features of the game. Ignis isn’t only a royal guard for Prince Noctis, he’s also an unbelievably talented master chef. His actual magical abilities are the culinary masterpieces he can create with just a campfire and camping supplies.

The Final Fantasy XV developers  based the recipes on real ingredients and food with painstaking detail, so it’s no surprise that the recipes can actually be replicated in your own kitchen. (No campfire required.)

Here are three recipes from the game you can make yourself. These official and unofficial video tutorials will walk anyone through the steps, even if you’re a novice chef who needs to level up your cooking skills.

Braised Beef Stew

It’s almost impossible to watch this official video from Square Enix without your mouth watering. (The Ignis cosplay is an extra nice touch.) Beef short ribs, garlic, butter, flour, beef broth, vegetables, and red wine combine to make a delicious stew perfect for warming up a cold winter’s night or giving you energy for an all-day Final Fantasy XV gaming session.

While there’s no voiceover to explain the steps in this speedy tutorial, you can easily get the idea thanks to the text on the screen. The step-by-step instructions look like they’re straight from a game, with a bit of humor thrown in. A complete list of ingredients and directions can be found in the video description when you’re ready to try the recipe yourself.

Mystery Meat Sushi

Mystery Meat Sushi sounds like a dinnertime gamble in real life, but it’s actually Spam musubi, a savory, tasty dish. langsta on YouTube has put together a collection of DIY Final Fantasy XV recipes, but it’s the Mystery Meat Sushi with a Toasty Rice Ball recipe that stands out thanks to his attention to detail.

langsta walks you through the recipes with a reassuring voiceover narration that’s sure to put even cooking newbies at ease. There’s more than just rice in the rice balls, with chicken, leeks, green onions, and garlic giving them a little punch. The Mystery Meat Sushi includes a thin omelette beneath the Spam that might take some practice, but you’ll get the hang of it faster than you can say “Apocalypsis Noctis.”

langsta also tackles other recipes from the game like the Burly Bean Bowl, and a series of tutorials for Cup Noodle to turn them into the ultimate instant lunch.

Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich

FitMC accepted the gorgeous food from Final Fantasy XV as a challenge to cook something in real life that’s just as appetizing. The quick tutorial allows a lot of flexibility with your sandwich choices, and uses an onion not for the meal, but as an ingenious mold for the perfect egg.

This is the simplest recipe on this list, but it’s just as delicious as the rest and a great one to start with if you’re unsure about your cooking ability.

Which dish from Final Fantasy XV would you want to cook in real life? Tell us in the comments.

Featured Image: Square Enix

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