2,500-Year-Old Ancient Greek Shipwreck Is the Oldest Ever Discovered

Normally stories about the ocean absolutely terrify us, but this time a new discovery deep below the surface has left us absolutely awed. Researchers have found a never-before-seen shipwreck of an Ancient Greek vessel that dates back a whopping 2,500 years.

In a truly remarkable story we came across at Sky News, after years of investigation, the Black Sea Maritime Archaeological Project found a bevy of 72 sunken ships off the shore of Bulgaria, and carbon dating has placed the oldest one among them all the way back to roughly 500 B.C. That first-of-its-kind find would be remarkable enough, but not only has the oxygen-free water left the 75-foot trading vessel nearly completely intact—with its rudders, mast, rowing benches, rope, and even monkfish bones from an onboard meal visible to the point it looks like it only recently went under—but no one has ever seen one of these boats before outside of ancient drawings.

This is like seeing Odysseus’ ship from The Odyssey. It’s possible vital goods were transported to Athens on this ship during the Persian War.

No surprise the find has already begun to offer all new insights into ancient shipbuilding.

We’re so excited by this we’re not even going to make a joke about how this could turn into a real horror story due to the fact that ancient bacteria in the ship’s wood have also survived thanks to the Black Sea’s waters. This is one time the ocean is too awesome to terrify us.Is this the coolest thing ever found in the ocean? Share your favorite deep sea discoveries with us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Black Sea Maritime Archaeological Project

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