Who Wins When 20 T-Rexes Fight 10,000 Chickens? We Do.

It’s sometimes difficult to navigate the stresses of the modern world, especially when social media keeps us in tune of everything going on. At every turn we’re faced with the horrors of foreign wars, worldwide economic stress, a ruthless political climate, and that friend who just won’t stop posting about the vitamin business she just became a part of that definitely isn’t a pyramid scheme.Thankfully, every so often, the internet gives us an answer to a question so vital–so important–that we’re able to forget everything awful in the world and come together even for the briefest of moments. Brace yourself and get ready to bask in the warm light of wonderful nonsense. We present to you, 20 tyrannosaurus rexes fighting 10,000 chickens.

Since the dawn of recorded history, the world’s greatest minds have pondered the result of what you just witnessed. Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle all had their own thoughts on the subject. Albert Einstein pondered the problem for years and–rumor has it–Stephen Hawking’s next book was about the very subject of chicken v. t-rex mayhem. However, thanks to a recent article on Sploid, the Lazy Game Reviews YouTube channel, and the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator the debate can now be put to rest.After a few Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator YouTube searches, it’s become apparent that we should all be very, very frightened of any large group of chickens. The 20 t-rexes were taken out with relative ease by the chicken’s strength in numbers, but the flightless birds also seem to fare well against most opposing armies. In fact, the game‘s official trailer jumps right into the “fowl” deeds of poultry war.
We’re just glad that wonderfully silly things like this continue to pop up on the internet and absolutely can’t wait to see what other epic battles get simulated. So far, the chicken v. t-rex is probably our favorite considering most other UEBS videos can’t seem to resist distracting, PewDiePie-esque gamer commentary. Just let them fight, internet.What are your favorite UEBS battles? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Image: UEBS | Lazy Game Reviews

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