1993 Harrison Ford Lives with 2020 Self in Hilarious Video

Quarantine hasn’t been easy on anyone. But social distancing has also meant we’ve all had to spend a lot of time with ourselves, and that’s not always a piece of cake. We all need a break from our own thoughts.

It could be worse, though. You could have been forced to quarantine with a different version of yourself. And that could have been a truly miserable experience. Especially if you’ve slowly become more of a curmudgeon over the years like Harrison Ford has. Comedian Mike MacRae imagined what it would be like if 1993 Harrison Ford quarantined with 2020 Harrison Ford. That’s basically the 51-year-old The Fugitive and Patriot Games-era version of the actor living with the grumbly 77-year-old The Call of the Wild star we know and still love today.

Each spot-on impression is instantly recognizable. You can even peg the general age of each without being told what year it was based on. That’s why we can tell the third roommate in the house is the late ’70s/early ’80s Ford: the one with all the energy who smirks all the time.

1993 Harrison Ford Lives With 2020 Self in Hilarious Video_1Lucasfilm

When these three impressions are put together, it sounds like Ford has been slowly increasing his diet of gravely rocks over the years. Hopefully he lives to be 150, at which time he might just sound like a blender full of stones.

I’ve thought a lot about different Harrison Fords before. But this video raises a great question: which era of the actor would we we want to be quarantined with? The answer is easy—the 2020 version. That guy might seem grumpy, but he’s been around for his whole career. I mean, 1993 Harrison wouldn’t even know about Air Force One or the Star Wars sequels.

Think about how much quarantine time you can fill talking about just those movies.

Featured Image: Warner Bros./TSG Entertainment

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