150MPH Rocket-Knife Perfectly Bisects Food, Toy Truck, More

Jan 7 2017 -- 1:00 PM

In his latest video, The Backyard Scientist--the madman who blows up fish tanks with molten salt and dips iPhones in molten aluminum for fun--decided to do what we've all been trained so thoroughly not to do: "Try this at home." In this case, the Backyard Scientist duplicated one of the most gnarly experiments ever conducted on MythBusters, the rocket sled. Except he did it with a knife. And a toy car. And a turkey.

Despite the significantly smaller scale of the Backyard Scientist's experiment, it's still quite breathtaking to watch a dead 3.5-pound piece of poultry get ninja-sliced by a rocket-powered knife going 150mph. In real time, the turkey, as well everything else that gets rocket-knife sliced in the video, simply falls apart. But when the frame rate is increased, the depth of the demolition that the rocket-knife has brought upon its victims is revealed.


A chuck roast steak was also sliced with the rocket-knife, and that made for one spicy meatball.


In a slightly ironic nod to the "Don't try this at home" concept, the Backyard Scientist does actually end up burning himself quite badly on his fingertips in the video (at around 5:28). So remember, if you're going to try this at home, don't heat blast your rocket-knife before firing it into a pile of firecrackers. You may burn yourself.

What do you think about this 150MPH rocket-knife? Do you like the idea of getting catapulted from 0-150MPH in .3 seconds, or playing superheated rocket-blade Fruit Ninja? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: The Backyard Scientist