12 Gifts for the STAR WARS Fan in Your Life

Though we may have missed Life Day, there’s still time to gather gifts and offerings for your loved ones in time for the Earth tradition of Christmas. As you’re all the way out there in the galaxy far, far, away, we’ve collected a whole bunch of the best Star Wars-centric surprises for the special Jedi and Sith in your life. From robotic Wookiees to lightsaber inspired kitchen utensils, we’ve got you covered!

Chewbacca Ultimate Co-Pilot – $109.99

Easily the cutest item on our list, this incredible offering from FurReal friends brings everyone’s favorite Kashyyyk native to life. With over 100 phrases and movements including his iconic roar, this is the must have BFF for any discerning smuggler. Grab Chewie at your local Target

Festive Death Star Christmas Tree Topper – $99.99

Want to treat the ones you love to a very merry Christmas while still reminding them of the power of the Empire? Then this outrageous Death Star Christmas tree topper is the perfect gift. It lights up red, green, and blue, and plays the main Star Wars theme and of course the Imperial Death March. Perfect for any aspiring demagogue. Pick up your festive Death Star from ThinkGeek


Who doesn’t want to know how the fastest ship in the galaxy works? Well, now we all can with this super in-depth owner’s workshop manual. Created by Haynes, which also makes guides for Earth vehicles, this is a really cool addition to any Star Wars fan’s library. Fly over to Barnes and Noble to pick up your copy

Star Wars Galactic Necklace – $17.99

The galaxy is a big place, but thanks to Hallmark you can now take it with you wherever you go! This gorgeous necklace includes stones representing Coruscant, Alderaan, Yavin 4, Tatooine, Sullust, Dagobah, Hoth, Endor, and Bespin, as well as an asteroid belt and a Death Star, a Tie Fighter, and an X-Wing! Pop over to ThinkGeek and grab yours

Women of the Galaxy – $19.46

Call us biased but we’ve been blown away by this incredible appreciation of the women of Star Wars from our very own Amy Ratcliffe and 17 incredible artists. If you’ve ever wanted an encyclopedia that delves into some of Star Wars‘ vibrant, brave, and complex female characters, then this is the perfect find! You can pick this gorgeous tome up from Amazon

Return of the Jedi Sock Set – $50

Ewoks are the best! Obviously that’s a universal fact, and this sock set breaks all the rules about the usual “worst Christmas present” by making them super cool and stylish. This Stance sock set celebrates our fave furry friends, the galaxy’s most famous farmboy, and Scout Troopers! Truly a sock for everyone! Get your space socks from Stance

Lightsaber Immersion Blender – $23.97

If you, like us, want to fill every part of your day with the joys of Star Wars, then this unique kitchen implement is the perfect gift! It looks like a lightsaber, and while it (hopefully) won’t cut off your son’s hand, it will juice all your favorite fruit! Wield yours after you get it from Home Depot

Ultimate Collector Series LEGO Millennium Falcon – $799.99

Need to impress your beloved? Accidentally sold your oldest friend out to Darth Vader? Just really rich? Then this giant Millennium Falcon LEGO set is the gift for you. Comprising 7,500 pieces, this is one of the biggest Lego sets ever. It’s so incredibly detailed that it even includes its own LEGO Dejarik board! Fly over to LEGO to get the pink slips for your Falcon

Porg Holiday Pin – $9.99

A cute stocking stuffer for the animal lover in your life, this porg pin is the perfect present for anyone who just can’t stop talking about Rian Johnson’s cute creations. Not only is it already a porg, but this adorable alien is wrapped up in Christmas lights! CUTENESS ALERT! Though it is a parks pin you can get it from ShopDisney

Death Star Cheese Board and Tools – $39.99

Got a fancy Star Wars fan in your life? The kind who’s always going to balls, traversing the galaxy as a diplomat, and drinking expensive, vintage Alderaanian wine? Nothing better than this exquisite Death Star cheese board and tools set… unless they’re actually from Alderaan, of course, in which case best to skip this one entirely. Get your own at Macys!

Princess Leia Forces of Destiny Platinum Edition – $34.99

Speaking of Alderaan, this beautiful set commemorates General Leia Organa and one of her most vital missions: finding Obi-Wan Kenobi to assist the Rebellion in the battle against the Empire. Part of Disney’s gorgeous Forces of Destiny range, this comes in a special display box and includes her partner in crime, R2-D2! eBay is your only hope for this gift!

Star Wars Manga Long Sleeved Shirt – $38

Super stylish and cool, this gorgeous long sleeved shirt features art from the Star Wars manga, as well as featuring the Japanese poster for Empire Strikes Back on… the back! A great gift for the cool kid in your life. Make your way to Urban Outfitters to get yours!Which of our gifts will you be grabbing? Just want it all for yourself? Mad we didn’t rep Admiral Ackbar? Let us know below!

Images: Chronicle Books, Haynes, Lego, Home Depot, Disney, Target, Lucasfilm, Urban Outfitters, Stance, Macys

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