10 Creative Canine Characters You Designed for Pugmire

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Geek & Sundry’s own Ivan Van Norman got the scent for Pugmire recently and tossed the audience a bone, challenging dedicated viewers to dream up some NPCs he could use when playing the fantasy RPG on a future No Survivors. That bone was fetched swiftly, and with true tail-wagging enthusiasm. The response was tremendous. Dozens of creative characters were offered up, with great detail put into their stats.

Pugmire is set in a future where dogs have inherited Earth, worshiping Man and searching for relics of his lost civilization. Throughout these profiles, we see various breeds, with varied loyalties, backgrounds, and callings. Some worship at the Church of Man, while others do tricks for their own masters. Peruse this handful of profiles, and you might just get a preview of the dog-eat-dog conflict coming in Ivan’s next live play session.


CREATOR: Yoda shirt • BREED: Irish Setter

 LOYALTY: None, all, whoever • BACKGROUND: Varies • CALLING: Varies

Burdened with multiple personality disorder, Splitz can believe he is a Guardian with protective, self- sacrificing traits; or a Hunter with a superiority complex. He thinks he can track uncannily well, or can just be a very self-serving Ratter trying to make a profit. He’s more likely to run and hide than help anyone, though.

Franklin & Theodore Pomani

CREATOR: ERNesbitt  • BREED: Pomeranian

 LOYALTY: Pomani • BACKGROUND: Merchant • CALLING: Ratter

Brothers from the Pomani family. Managing both goods delivery and debt collection as needed. Boisterous and combative (as siblings can be). Often found arguing in the local pub or shop district. Known to be loud and obnoxious. One never seen without the other.


CREATOR: AndruMonkey • BREED: Greyhound

 LOYALTY: Houndton • BACKGROUND: Merchant • CALLING: Artisan

A toymaker, constantly fiddling with new mechanisms. Makes toys, games, and amusing trinkets of unrivalled sophistication for the aristocracy. Has a sideline in complex traps, locks, and weapons.

Heyzeus Danington

CREATOR: robomatica  • BREED: Great Dane

 LOYALTY: The Devout, originally • BACKGROUND: Noble (keeps it quiet) • CALLING: Shepard

Hero of the peoplepreaching the Word of Man outside of the established church. Preaches that among Man, all dogs were equal, and the existence of nobility is in violation of the Will of Man. Not exactly outlawed, but heavily disliked by the church. Preaches in the outer towns only.

Dr. Saint Chow

CREATOR: emancaves  • BREED: Irish Setter

 LOYALTY: None, all, whoever • BACKGROUND: Varies • CALLING: Varies

Monk doctor devout to the church. Believes healing others honors Man. He is willing to bargain his services with the less fortunate. Lives frugally, and is well-liked by everyone. Has healed criminals.


CREATOR: Wildcard643 • BREED: St. Doberman

 LOYALTY: Formerly of Doberman • BACKGROUND: Commonfolk • CALLING: Soldier

Disgraced member of the Doberman family. The title of her house was stripped from her as a result of some misdeed. Now, she simply goes by “Dober” and seeks to earn back her honor and family name.

Cassie Sweeting

CREATOR: jpcguy89  • BREED: Brittany Spaniel

 LOYALTY: Poodlen • BACKGROUND: Noble • CALLING: Guardian

Sophisticated in her day-to-day. Cares for the needs of all. Uses her considerable wealth, amassed through her family’s long-running hunting business, to ensure that her often frowned-upon charitable workings are kept from the less-understanding in her class. Her spare time is spent in the gardens, smelling the various fragrances, and when she can travel, traversing the deep woods, and walking along streams.

Clever cat lovers turned out in force, as well, devising felines who could co-exist with these canines, or even play more prominent roles whenever Onyx’s Monarchies of Mau expansion drops. Fans of syndicated comics, hard-boiled noir, and paradoxical physics will find added levels of fun in this set, too.

Garf Arbuckle

CREATOR: Gregzilla • BREED: Tabby

 LOYALTY: Himself and his friends • BACKGROUND: Merchant • CALLING: Artisan

Traveling lasagna salesman. Loves lasagna and has made it his life; buying, selling, and eating it. Gets along well with cats and dogs alike, at least on the outside.


CREATOR: mboochin • BREED: White

 LOYALTY: Cat-kind • BACKGROUND: Scholar • CALLING: ???

Great lich-kitty of the great litter box. He is neither dead nor alive. His only purpose is to advance science in service of cat-kind for all eternity…

Det. Carmen Bellpaw

CREATOR: emanCaves • BREED: Russian Blue

 LOYALTY: Mau Embassy • BACKGROUND: Soldier • CALLING: Ratter

When Cats don’t fully trust the Dog cops, they come to her. A hard-boiled 1940s detective, folks see her and expect to hear saxophone music playing in the background. She works closely with the embassy and has worked with Beckett Bloodhound on occasion.

Have these profiles inspired you to create pups of your own? Describe ’em in the talkback!

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