Finding the right sushi spot, just like finding the right clothing to wear, is all a matter of taste. And for those who have a taste for clothing inspired by the aesthetics of sushi, there are now new options from Japanese fabric brand, Maison Sushi. And, while fashion palates differ, we’ll go ahead and label these accessories and garments as extremely fresh.

A Japanese clothing company has released sushi-inspired clothing for National Sushi Day.

Maison Sushi 

SoraNews24 reported on the new lines of fishy fashion stuffs, which Maison released in celebration of Japan’s so-called Sushi Day. Sushi Day, for those wondering, is the holiday brainchild of the All-Japan Sushi Association, and occurred on November 1.

Maison Sushi

In regards to the new accessories and items of clothing, the selection is as delectable and diverse as a lunchtime sampler platter. Fresh from the loom are various coin cases, purses, and key carriers, as well as shoulder bags and totes. Maison also offers sushi-pocket sweatshirts, salmon sandals, long- and short-sleeve shirts, and even pillows.

It’s the gorgeous fabrics of varying fish-skin facades that sets all of this sushi gear apart, however. Maison teamed up with Tanabe Orimono, a 70-year-old textile maker, for its accessories and clothing, and some of these threads literally glisten. The “Aji,” or “Taste,” coin purse, for example, shimmers like pink and silver scales. And the fatty tuna does indeed look like a big, pillowy slice of the delicious fish.

Maison Sushi

Although we can’t confirm that Maison ships to the U.S., it does appear to be possible. And for those who aren’t so sold on the sushi look, but still want to revamp their style with something unique, there is a lot of other gear out there. Reebok, for example, recently came out with Ghostbusters kicks that have mini proton packs. There’s also always a lot of great cyberpunk fashion trends, which seem to become more relevant as the century year 2020 drags on.

Feature image: Maison Sushi