70 years ago, Godzilla arrived on cinema screens in Gojira. No one could have known back then that this giant atomic lizard would become an institution, spawning 38 films, several animated series, and a whole lot of toys and merchandise. In fact, according to Guinness, it’s the longest-running film franchise in history. In celebration of 70 years of the Tokyo stomping kaiju, Toho International has announced a collaboration with  Santa Cruz Skateboards for an epic Godzilla collection. Each features bold, graphic skate deck designs honoring the King of the Monsters. You can check out images of several of these new skateboards and apparel in our gallery down below:

The limited-edition line will include eight skateboard deck designs, including a monster-sized deck (11’’ x 32’’). This is the largest skate deck Santa Cruz has made to date. It even comes complete with a unique shape resembling Godzilla’s prehistoric skin texture. Santa Cruz brought several talented artists aboard to reimagine the classic graphics of Corey O’Brien, Tom Knox, Rob Roskopp, and Natas Kaupas. These are all based on the original artwork by Jim Phillips.

They’ll arrive in several styles inspired by iterations of Godzilla through the years. We’re talking about everything from Shin Godzilla to Mechagodzilla, and even more. We even see a little baby Minilla in there. Of course, American audiences know him as the Son of Godzilla, who later inspired Godzilla’s TV nephew, Godzooky. (The Godzilla family tree is extensive.)

The 70th anniversary Godzilla skateboard deck coming in 2024 from Santa Cruz.
Santa Cruz

This amazing Godzilla anniversary skateboard collection is rounded out with a selection of apparel including tees, hats, and hoodies. There is also a sticker pack with the skate deck artwork in sticker form. The full product line will hit retail in November 2024, just in time to celebrate Godzilla’s 70th anniversary and official Godzilla Day on November 3.