Easter is an important holiday to me, but for a very different reason than most. Easter means Easter candy. And that means eating the best the season has to offer: Cadbury Creme Eggs. They are perfect in every way, a truly impeachable sweet treat. Or at least I thought they were. Subway in the UK is set to test that theory by turning spring’s greatest delight into an unholy concoction. For one day only, Subway is giving away a limited amount of Cadbury Creme Egg Easter SubMelt sandwiches. It’s a sub that will truly put the power of Cadbury’s most wonderful creation to the culinary test.

A sub cut in half featuring melted Cadbury Creme Egg with a split egg in front from Subway UK
Jam Press/Subway

Look at that thing. (Or maybe don’t?) That is Subway UK’s new Cadbury Creme Egg Easter SubMelt in all its glory/shame. The sandwich (which we first learned about at The New York Post) features the Easter chocolate melted on Subway’s own Italian White Bread.

Why do that? Because it tastes good? Almost certainly not. This six-inch sub is the latest weird foodstuff promotion we’ve told you about, like we always do and always will! We can’t look away and neither can you! These bizarre culinary crossovers are like driving by a proverbial train wreck. But with the knowledge no one seriously got hurt or injured. Well, minus a few upset stomachs.

In this case it will be “only” 500 stomachs. The sugary sandwich will be available—entirely for free—across four stores in the UK on April 7. First come, first serve, first regret.

Ah, who am I kidding? I’d eat one of this without much pause. (Notice I didn’t say “zero pause.”) I’m obsessed with Cadbury Creme Eggs. If any candy can pull this off it’s this one. I just pray on this holy weekend it’s not actually good. I’m not sure how many more Easters I’ll be around for if I start eating bread with all of my Cadbury Creme Eggs.