We are mere weeks away from the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard, which will reunite the principal cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. But despite its status as a TNG reunion, the final season won’t primarily take place on board the Enterprise. No, the “hero ship” for Picard this year will be the U.S.S. Titan. Trekkers might remember that was the ship that Riker became captain of at the end of Star Trek: Nemesis.

The Titan, the main ship for season 3 of Star Trek: Picard.

This starship Titan however is a brand new one, the Titan-A. As we learned from the past 50 years of the franchise, it’s customary for Starfleet to add a letter to a new ship with an old name. (We are now at the Enterprise-F!) And the Titan-A has a brand new crew and a new Captain. Picard showrunner Terry Matalas recently took the time to introduce each member of the bridge crew via Twitter. And to start, we have a very familiar name at the helm.

Just as Geordi La Forge helmed the Enterprise 35 years ago, his daughter Sidney La Forge is now at the helm of the Titan. So it’s Star Trek: The Next Next Generation? That might be a mouthful for a future show name.

At the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the planet Bajor was primed to join the Federation at last. So it makes sense that we’d have a Bajoran on board. The Titan’s tactical officer is Lt. Matthew Arliss Mura. With a name like Matthew, we suspect he is part human. Did his parents meet on DS9 perhaps?

Every Starfleet ship should endeavor to have a Vulcan on board—primarily as a science officer. For the Titan, the resident Vulcan is Lt. T’Veen. We are sure she will do T’Pol, Spock, and Tuvok proud, and hopefully live long and prosper.

Our new communications officer is Haliian. That’s a deep-cut, empathic alien race, appearing in one episode of TNG in its sixth season.

Then, there’s our Captain, Liam Shaw. He’s played by Todd Stashwick, of 12 Monkeys fame. We are sure he is going to get on like gangbusters with Starfleet legends Picard and Riker. What can go wrong?

And after 25 years, Seven of Nine finally gets a Starfleet uniform and an official role as a first officer. It’s about time.

We’re sure to meet even more Titan crew members, when Star Trek: Picard season three debuts on February 16.