It’s always a delight when two things we love come together for something fun. It is no secret that Netflix’s Wednesday series is a fave here at Nerdist. We simply cannot get enough of Jenna Ortega as our favorite dark and very quotable Addams family member. And, of course, we will always pledge our nerdy allegiance to Tim Curry and the movie masterpiece known as Clue. Remember when we live-tweeted that gem together when things spiraled in 2020? Good times. That movie only made us love the game even more. Now, there’s a new edition of the beloved Clue board game—which got an upgrade in 2023—that is Wednesday themed. 

feature image of clue wednesday board game
The OP Games/Hasbro/Netflix

This is perfectly fitting considering the Wednesday TV series is largely playing out as a mystery. Last season left us wondering who is watching Wednesday after she solved the mystery about the Hyde. Here’s a description of the Clue: Wednesday game: 

A dark mystery with terrible dangers is yours to solve in this spooky, modern take on the classic mystery game. With the dangerous Hyde on the loose, you’ll play as students of Nevermore Academy, like Wednesday Addams and Ajax Petropolus. You’ve got to keep your wits about you as you determine WHO will be the Hyde’s next victim, WHERE will the Hyde attack, and WHAT item was key in bringing him down!

There couldn’t be a better time for this collaboration. There are new Clue stories coming to TV as well as film in the future. And, Wednesday is even getting a spinoff series featuring Uncle Fester, which will expand that world. Maybe, just maybe, we can get a live-action Wednesday and Clue mashup at some point. Until then, Clue: Wednesday is available on Amazon for $44.99.