The house always wins. As the only human cameo from the Fallout games thus far in the Prime Video TV series, and with New Vegas very literally looming on the show’s horizon, it seems only natural that we’ll see Robert House appear at some point in Fallout season two. In fact, the series showrunners recently confirmed, “Many of our lead characters are Vegas-bound… Las Vegas in the world of Fallout is Robert House’s town. Robert House will be involved in Season 2.” 

Mr House cameo representing Robco from the Fallout TV series (2)
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Fallout‘s Robert House is an insufferable libertarian to some and based inspiration to others. Here’s everything the Fallout games tell us about New Vegas’ enigmatic autocrat. 

Who Is Robert House in the Fallout Universe?

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Robert House is the founder and CEO of RobCo Industries. His company is the source of much of Fallout’s classic tech, such as the Mr. Handys (the robotic butler we see trying to ‘borrow’ Lucy’s organs in the show) and, of course, the Pip-Boy, a product that was a partnership between RobCo and Vault-Tec. Worn on the wrist of every game protagonist, and now with Lucy carrying on its tradition—RobCo is an inescapable force in the Fallout universe. 

Robert House’s History Before the War

Robert Edwin House was born on June 25th, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada, to the owners of the H&H Tool empire. House was orphaned at age two when his parents died in a freak auto-gyro-lightning-bolt accident. (Fallout is weird.) House was cheated out of his sizable inheritance by his half-brother Anthony. However, with that chip firmly on his shoulder and a genius IQ under his belt, House persevered. He eventually got into the Commonwealth Institute of Technology, the Fallout universe’s MIT equivalent. After graduating at the ripe old age of twenty-two, House founded RobCo industries. 

Thanks to House’s impeccable business acumen and intrinsic technical know-how, RobCo became one of the most profitable companies in the world over the next eight years. House was known for his ruthless, excessive corporate expansion. He’d gobble up smaller companies and eventually create a veritable monopoly in some tech markets, especially software. If you look closely at any terminal in the games or show, you’ll see that it’s running on a RobCo operating system. 

Robert House as a character was very much in the spirit of Howard Hughes a.k.a. the classic eccentric billionaire trope. But House, and by extension his hobbies, were more bizarrely pragmatic. House personally designed mathematical paradigms to attempt to predict major world events. He’d base this on a stream of constantly updating information with thousands of geopolitical and socio-economic factors.

House determined that on October 23rd, 2077,  at approximately 8pm EST, nuclear fire would rain from the sky. You gotta give it to the guy. He was only off by twenty hours. 

Mr. House Devises a Plan for Las Vegas to Survive the Impending War

With the date in mind, House began working towards making sure that Las Vegas would survive the war, and just as important—he would survive the war. Like any good billionaire, House owned a Vegas casino known as the Lucky 38. Using the vast wealth and resources of RobCo, House began outfitting the Lucky 38 so that it could protect Vegas against the brunt of a nuclear assault. He also decided that drastic measures would have to be taken for him to remain alive indefinitely to handle the crisis personally. House had his fleshy, mortal body sealed into a life support device that would keep him alive—relatively and theoretically—forever. Meanwhile, his brain was wired into a massive supercomputer. 

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House also created an army of Securitrons to act as his eyes, ears, and hands post-war. The Securitrons are some of RobCo’s stronger combat robots. He knew they would at least be enough to deter most trouble makers that might crop up after the end of the world. House knew that the current capabilities of the Lucky 38 and the Securitron army that he possessed were not going to be enough to completely spare Vegas. The Strip would likely remain relatively unharmed, but the surrounding environs, not so much.

A new operating system (OS) was designed, one that would upgrade House’s laser grid to better ensure a completely untouched Las Vegas. It would also greatly increase the offensive capabilities of his Securitron army. The OS was downloaded onto the Platinum Chip, and was set to be delivered via courier to House the morning of October 23rd, 2077. Unfortunately, the courier didn’t make it in time. 

Even with the inferior operating system, House was still able to stop sixty-eight of the seventy-seven nuclear missiles from hitting Las Vegas. While portions of the city were still destroyed, it was largely spared. When the impact hit, House’s life support systems went out of whack, and he fell into a coma for the next fifty years, while chaos reigned unchecked in the world outside. 

Robert House Comes Out of a Post-War Coma and Establishes New Vegas

House regained consciousness in 2138. He initially chose to bide his time and observe the goings-on of the Mojave Wasteland instead of immediately revealing himself. Waiting and watching, House made his move when reports of NCR scouts in the area reached him around 2274. The Securitrons finally, after so many years, left the Lucky 38. With the hopes of having staff that had pulses, House gave the raiders currently occupying the Vegas Strip three options. They could leave, work for him, or die. Three raider tribes chose to work for him. They became the Chairmen, the Omertas, and the White Glove Society, who would run New Vegas’ three restored casinos.

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Once established and later ensconced within the cultural and economic conscience of the Mojave, House made a deal with the NCR to coexist in relative peace. The NCR got to have McCarran Air Force Base and an embassy on the Strip. House got to have free power from Hoover Dam, and all the money from the NCR citizens desperate for a vacation. What happened to New Vegas and Mr. House after 2281—well, only the show can really answer that now. 

What Is Mr. Robert House Up to in Fallout?

House’s morality (or lack thereof) has been debated among the Fallout fanbase for the past fifteen years. House is a man with a single-minded focus who allows for no distractions. Monitoring or controlling the lives of the people in the Mojave has never been of any interest to him. The preservation and newfound flourishing of mankind, through throwing off the shackles of the past is, by all accounts, his singular interest. However, with a goal so large and lofty, you can imagine that the man behind these plans might find singular human lives, or even large groups of them …fairly insignificant. His take on democracy is also not the most positive one. 

Love him or hate him, House is a force to be reckoned with. Once the Fallout show confirms which of the multiple endings from New Vegas is canon, we’ll see how Mr. Robert House is going to play into the events of the show moving forward. Can you imagine House and Cooper in a room together? Because I’m imagining it, and I’m loving it.

Originally published on April 25, 2024.