The long-anticipated Resident Evil 4 remake will be available for all of us to play very soon. The remake of the iconic horror game releases on March 24. To celebrate, Capcom has put together quite the treat for us all, a different kind of Resident Evil 4 reimagining. Instead of sharper graphics and new features, we get Resident Evil 4, the adorable anime.

Honestly, even if you aren’t an ardent Resident Evil 4 fan, you have to admit this version is incredible. Who doesn’t want one of the scariest games around to get transformed into something this cute? Yes, the villagers have red eyes and chainsaws but never have you seen a cheerier lot! And the music is a cherry on top.

Resident Evil 4 becomes an anime to celebrate remake release

Poor Leon, all he wants is to find Ashley in the first episode of the Resident Evil 4 anime titled “Leon and the Mysterious Village.” However, no one in the very friendly-looking village really wants to help. Leon doesn’t seem to know he’s in terrible danger… Then he dies. But even that happening is very festive and full of sunshine and glitter in this Resident Evil 4 anime. We have to admire the imagination. But we have a feeling things won’t go quite so happily in the Resident Evil 4 remake itself. And soon, we’ll be wishing for a rainbow or two.