The Resident Evil 4 remake will release this March. And slowly, fans are learning all about what they can get excited about when it comes to this shiny new version of the beloved horror game. Capcom has noted that it’s not interested in starting from scratch with this remake. But instead, it intends to make everything better, “turning it to 11.”

You can check out our latest look at the game with a newly released trailer from PlayStation.

Additionally, recently we learned a whole lot about the game’s new features. Speaking to Game Informer, the developer noted what players can expect from the remake, including the addition of sidequests, the removal of quick-time events, tweaks to the character of Ashley, knives that wear out, and new enemies.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Leon

Sidequests help to enrich the world of a game. They can sometimes even be the most fun part of the whole experience. You never know where you might have to go or who you might meet. And players can now expect them in the Resident Evil 4 remake. According to Game Informer (via IGN and Bloody Disgusting), in-game blue flyers will mark sidequests in the game. These quests could range from finding snake carcasses to solving puzzles to hunting down specific enemies. Completing sidequests will result in the ability to obtain rewards in the Merchant’s shop. And the original game’s blue medallion will return. Very intriguing.

Additionally, quick-time events, in-game action prompts that limit gameplay, have been removed from the Resident Evil 4 remake. Many players found these to be a distraction, and their elimination signals the remake’s attempts to modernize.

Another gameplay evolution is the advent of knives that you can wear out. Leon’s old reliable can now break if you use it too much. However, a player can now carry multiple knives. As to who you’ll fight with your now fragile knives in the Resident Evil 4 remake? Well new enemies will appear. Capcom teases these, but doesn’t reveal too much about them yet. But apparently, one of them is “a Ganado wearing the decapitated head of a bull like a mask and carrying a huge hammer.”

Finally, when it comes to Ashley, Capcom recognizes your pain. In the Resident Evil 4 remake, Ashley will “feel more like a natural companion and less like a second health bar to babysit.” She’ll have downed states after she takes damage, but she can be killed if attacked in those states. She’ll also have greater in-game capabilities. Ashley can, for instance, go through crawlspaces to open locked doors.

Will all these aspects help to get the Resident Evil 4 remake up to an 11? We’ll have to wait for the game to release on March 24 to find out.

Originally published on February 1, 2023.