To paraphrase one of our favorite little humans ever, “Time to let your brain dial turn your joy volume up.” Cryptozoic Entertainment and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products have partnered for a first-of-its-kind RPG. And not even The Lich is going to be able to stop this Adventure Time RPG from reaching tabletops. Fans needed only an hour to fund the Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game on Kickstarter.

The Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game campaign is already a hit at Kickstarter. It surpassed its $100,000 funding goal almost as soon as it was posted. (And as of this writing already sits at nearly $400k with 26 days left to go.)

The RPG will allow fans of the animated series to step into the world of Adventure Time so they can go on their own journeys. The fifth edition (5E)-compatible game will also offer “new gameplay elements inspired by the series. That includes the “STORY” (Species, Talent, Occupation, Resources, Yonder) character origin mechanic, exploding dice mechanics, and a specialized set of Adventure Twists that encourage player creativity.” The RPG will also include 20 species and 12 subclasses. And it features 60 unique Magical Items and over 40 new Monsters in a bestiary that is also home to “observational notes” from Jake the Dog.

The Core Book for the Adventure Time RPG
Cryptozoic Entertainment/Warner Bros.

In a statement Cory Jones, CCO of Cryptozoic, said, “Adventure Time created an amazing, fully realized world that fans couldn’t get enough of, so it was the ideal property for our first foray into roleplaying games. The gameplay is classic: Use your imagination and dice to overcome the Dungeon Master’s challenges. We‘ve focused on the core benefit of an RPG… unlocking YOUR creativity! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of their own Adventure Time story?”

For that players will begin starts with the Core Book, Prismo’s Guide to Adventures in Ooo. They will then create their character before embarking on their epic quest that will force them to make a series of choices.

Cryptozoic Entertainment/Warner Bros.

Supporters can choose to back the project from anywhere to $50 to $400. It’s scheduled to reach backers in March of 2025. Those who get in early via Kickstarter will also have access to a bunch of exclusives. Those tiers offer everything from the Core Book to an Adventure Book, exclusive slipcase, a custom Jake dice set, character journals, character sheets, game cards, and more. Every Core Book also comes with an Adventure Time-themed game mechanics booklet. And Cryptozoic Entertainment says it has stretch goals planned for the rest of the campaign.

Don’t worry about those stretch goals. This is already a massively successful Kickstarter. There’s no reason letting your brain dial turn your fear volume up worrying fans won’t reach them.