Kevin McCallister learned that sometimes a dream can become a nightmare. Every little kid imagines not having to deal with demanding parents and annoying siblings would be amazing. But Home Alone showed that having the house entirely to yourself isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes bad people want to get in. Of course, there are far more terrifying villains than the Wet Bandits—especially if you decide to spend the night alone in Castle Dimitrescu. That’s what Macaulay Culkin’s iconic Christmas character does in this new crossover video. This mashup video turns Resident Evil Village into a holiday horror.

The YouTube channel eli_handle_b․wav is back with a new mashup, which we first saw at Geeks Are Sexy. It sends everyone’s favorite Christmas loner far from his family’s house in an idyllic Chicago suburb. This year he accidentally took a plane to Eastern Europe and ended up at a sinister locale. Monsters from Resident Evil Village call this dark and spooky land their home.

But the real terror begins once Kevin gets inside the castle. He’s in trouble since he doesn’t have home field advantage in this fight. (In that way this is really more like Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.) There he must evade and fight demons and ghouls on their own turf, only without the ability to re-spawn or restart.

Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu looks at Home Alone's Kevin McCallister hanging from a hook
20th Century/Capcom/eli_handle_b․wav

His time inside the Castle ultimately brings him face to face with the biggest threat he’s ever had to deal with, the giant Lady Dimitrescu. We don’t care how crafty Kevin might be, we’re taking her 100 times out of 100 in this showdown.

But in the end things work out for the same reason they always do in Home Alone: Catherine O’Hara shows up. Too bad that doesn’t happen when we play Resident Evil Village all by ourselves in an empty house. Now that’s scary!