Professional Tag is Basically Super Intense Competitive Parkour

World Chase Tag is an organization that pits amazing athletes against each other in a game that every last one of us has played at some point in our childhoods: the game of tag (or as they call it, “chase tag”). The idea of adults playing tag competitively might sound kind of weird until you realize that skilled athletes playing the schoolyard game basically translates into competitive one-on-one parkour. And as you can see from the video below, featuring the organization’s latest competition–WCT2: The London Chase-Off–it really is even more exhilarating than it sounds.

Just check out some highlights from the London-based event and see for yourself:

And some more:

Pretty wild, right? World Chase Tag also has a video that explains the rules of their version of the sport:

Two teams of four players send one player at a time into the area of play, which features a bunch of platforms and other obstacles for players to hurdle, jump off of, and otherwise use to avoid being touched by the person chasing them. Each “chase” lasts 20 seconds, and if during that time the “evader” isn’t touched by the “chaser,” the evader’s team gets a point. If a player gets tagged, the round is over, and the successful evader stays on while the chasing team sends a new player out.

Check out the videos above, and let us know in the comments below what other childhood games could make intense adult sports. Duck Duck Goose, anybody?

Featured image: World Chase Tag

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