Pepsi and Peeps are back at it. These two tastes evidently taste great together because the originally “one-of-a-kind collaboration” has returned for a second round. And this time, it will be more available to everyone who wants a taste of the glorious Peeps Pepsi. This marshmallow-flavored cola soda will hit retail shelves on its second outing. And it’s the perfect bizarre combination to celebrate spring.

A can of Pepsi surrounded by Peeps

Last time around, only 3,000 fans got to experience the delight of finding out what a Peeps Pepsi soda really tastes like. But the sky is the limit this time. Marshmallow soda for all.

A release shares more about the flavor, noting:

PEPSI® x PEEPS® is a surprisingly delicious beverage combining the refreshing taste of Pepsi cola with the classic sweet PEEPS® Marshmallow flavor consumers know and love. The pillowy-soft marshmallow cola flavor – paired with the instantly recognizable PEEPS®– inspired design in vibrant yellow packaging – is a true celebration of the approaching spring season.

And the packaging really is adorable. The Pepsi comes in 7.5 oz Pepsi mini-can multipacks and 20 oz. bottles this time around. And both versions have dressed in bright yellow for spring. Of course, the Pepsi cans are also decorated with little Peeps bunnies and ducks to delight the drinker. How could we throw something so cute away? It’s the perfect drink to go along with our Dr. Pepper Peeps sweets. Peeps and soda really is a match made in heaven. We guess, something about all that sugary goodness and carbonation really seems to make sense.

As mentioned, this Peeps Pepsi is for the people. Excited fans of either brand can now find the product on shelves nationwide. Although it is still a limited-edition flavor, so we suggest you move quickly if you want your cans. Happy hunting for Easter… Peeps Pepsi.