Resurrect the dodo, Carolina parakeet, Yangtze river dolphin, and more—no diamonds needed. (Yes, that’s a very nerdy spell component joke. No regrets.) The Book of Extinction, an unofficial fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons supplement from Mage Hand Press, will hold more than 70 creatures inspired by extinct animals from our material plane within its pages. The book gives these fascinating creatures comprehensive game statistics and lore for use in your D&D game. Real-world facts and history about the animals that inspired the creatures accompany the gameplay information.

An illustration of extinct animals on the cover of The Book of Extinction, a Dungeons & Dragons supplement featuring extinct animals
Mage Hand Press

The first three creatures are available in a pay-what-you-want preview now. (The rest will follow after a crowdfunding campaign later this year.) The preview includes:

The thylacine, Tasmania’s marsupial wolf, becomes an incorporeal ghost tiger. The great auk, a giant penguin from the most inaccessible reaches of Iceland, becomes a magic-casting celestial beast. And the passenger pigeon, once North America’s most numerous bird, becomes a gargantuan swarm reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.
Mage Hand Press

All proceeds go toward conservation organizations working to preserve endangered species. Mage Hand Press is also producing a companion podcast called Making a Monster: Extinction to expand on the  animals’ real-world stories.

The creatures in The Book of Extinction are inspired by animals that went extinct specifically by human interaction. But why use Dungeons & Dragons to bring awareness? “Natural history is already present in heroic fantasy games like D&D,” says Mage Hand Press, “from the histories and myths that inspired famous monsters to illustrated field guides from John James Audubon that inspired the game’s Monster Manual.”

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