Stephen Colbert and the Critical Role cast headed on another adventure together. The Late Show host joined the show for a special Red Nose Day Dungeons & Dragons campaign; Red Nose Day is a campaign fighting child poverty. The one-shot is titled Choose Stephen Colbert’s Adventure… AgainThe talk show host previously joined Dungeon Master Matt Mercer for a one-on-one adventure back in 2019. That, too, for Red Nose Day. But for their latest campaign, other Critical Role cast members will join Colbert and Mercer. And like the last time Colbert and Critical Role united in the name of charity, donors picked various aspects of the adventure.

While the one-shot debuted on April 28 on Critical Role‘s Twitch channel, the full thing is available to watch on YouTube.

The newest one-shot, called Dignity, saw Ashley Johnson, Marisha Ray, and Sam Riegel join Mercer and Colbert. Throughout the last week of March, fans donating to Critical Role‘s Red Nose Day fundraiser answered poll questions. The winning answer from each poll question dictated an aspect of the one-shot, like Colbert’s familiar, a magical item, and even a spell that might help him out of a tricky situation.

Stephen Colbert and Critical Role co-founderAshley Johnson, Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel, and Matt Mercer pose with red noses
Critical Role Foundation

Colbert’s first foray into the world of Critical Role for the previous Red Nose Day was a delight. During the nearly hour-long adventure, Mercer guided Colbert through the Menagerie Coast in Wildemount. Mercer and Colbert reminisced about their Dungeons & Dragons journeys along the way. And it was a bit of a coming home for Colbert, who shared that he hadn’t played in decades but played regularly through his teens and early twenties. In fact, he embarked on his first campaign back in 1977.

We love seeing Colbert boast about his D&D cred. After all, he is a D&D OG. He attended Gen Con when The Dungeon Master’s Guide released in 1979 and walked away with a Gary Gygax-signed copy. (Which he may have stolen from a friend.) Given how much fun it was seeing Colbert play with Mercer the first time, we loved seeing him with even more of the Critical Role crew. Here’s hoping this isn’t their last adventure.

As of this posting, the Critical Role Foundation’s Red Nose Day campaign has raised $191,000. You can donate here.

Originally published on March 23, 2022.