It’s essentially impossible to overpraise pizza. It’s a perfect food that comes in a variety of styles, each great in its own way. But what really puts pizza over the top as a food is that it’s great whether you want a plain cheese or a fancy pie covered with wild toppings. That ability to customize doesn’t mean every variation is a good idea, though. You can ruin a pizza, which some will surely think DiGiorno has done with their latest special release. But not only is the company’s Thanksgiving Pizza worth being thankful for, we hope it becomes a yearly holiday tradition.

DiGiorno's Thanksgiving Pizza with many toppings on a cutting board in a promo photo

This year, DiGiorno took an entire seasonal feast and turned it into a single delectable Detroit-style pie. The Thanksgiving Pizza comes covered in turkey, diced sweet potatoes, green beans, crispy onions, and cranberries. Instead of pizza sauce it also has a creamy Thanksgiving gravy. It’s then finished with rich mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.

It’s definitely a strange combination, and there’s a reason not many (any?) pizza comes with green beans. (That reason? No one wants green beans on pizza.) But DiGiorno sent us one to try, and not only are the green beans a nice addition, the Thanksgiving Pizza is a genuinely tasty meal. It’s like a pizza crossed with a turkey pot pie. My favorite element was the brown gravy, which creates a highly satisfying bite with the chewy crust. The bits of cranberry on the pizza also add a nice sweetness that compliments the savory elements, much like cranberry sauce does during an actual Thanksgiving dinner.

How much you like this pizza, though, will largely depend on how much you like onion. The crispy onion pieces are very strong. I’d love even more gravy and less onions, but otherwise, this is a pretty impeachable pie. It even looks as good as it smells. This is a photo of my Thanksgiving Pizza, and it makes me hungry to look at it.


This pizza is also big and filling enough for two people to share for lunch. However, if you’re really hungry you can probably eat one on your own.

DiGiorno’s Thanksgiving Pizza ($11.23) is sold out right now, but DiGiorno let us know there will be a “final drop” for the Thanksgiving Pizza on Wednesday, 11/22 at 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT. Hopefully, it comes back every November. Not only will it be a nice addition to our yearly holiday eating traditions, it’s another way to appreciate a perfect food.