Usually, it’s a bad thing when new characters turn your favorite fantasy world into a dystopian wasteland. This is not one of those times. In fact, this is one of the very rare occasions when that will be a good thing. Magic: The Gathering revealed its much-anticipated crossover will bring a beloved post-apocalyptic video game world to tabletops. The trading card game has partnered with Fallout for a big S.P.E.C.I.A.L. new collection.

Two cards from Magic: The Gathering's Fallout collection, one with Vault BOy the other with Dogmeat
Wizards of the Coast

Load up your Pip-Boy with plenty of mana (you figure out how!) because Magic: The Gathering – Fallout is here to combine your favorite franchises. This collaboration didn’t just show up with a few fun cards like some other Magic: The Gathering collaborations, either. This is a considerable union of two very popular games. Here’s how Wizards of the Coast describes its Fallout collection:

Magic: The Gathering – Fallout celebrates elements of all Fallout games since 1997 and represents the first “modern view” of some of the classic Fallout games, including updates to characters and settings from Fallout and Fallout 2. We hope to pay homage to Fallout‘s high-energy, high-action, post-nuclear RPG roots. Whether you join the side of some of Fallout‘s most infamous characters or choose to play as a Vault survivor fighting gangs of raiders, super-mutants, irradiated monsters, and pre-war robots, life in the wastes won’t be easy!

The Fallout collection features four Commander decks, each with its own theme. This includes the Dogmeat-centered Scrappy Survivors deck, Mutant Menace, Hail, Caesar, and Science! They are sold individually and as a bundle.

Wizards of the Coast

These are supplemented by Collector Boosters with Booster Fun. Collector Boosters come in both traditional foil and surge foil cards. They’re also where fans can find non-foil, full-art basic lands that depict five “isometric environments like those seen in the classic Fallout games.” And Magic: The Gathering – Fallout Collector Boosters see the return of extended-art cards in non-foil, traditional foil, and surge foil.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the collection also includes cards for Bobbleheads, which are getting the “serialized treatment.” This includes seven cards with serialization on 500 copies each. They’ll look too good for a wasteland, too. These cards are getting the double rainbow foil treatment.

In addition to providing a look at many cards in the set, Magic: The Gathering also went deep with a video on what fans can expect.

Magic: The Gathering – Fallout released on March 8, 2024 and is now available to order.

While you wait for your set to arrive, we recommend playing both Magic: The Gathering and Fallout as much as you can. Preferably at the same time. That way it won’t be jarring to realize it’s a good thing your favorite fantasy world has become a post-nuclear dystopia.

Originally published on October 20, 2023.