In 2022 a great injustice was inflicted on the world. And by “world” I mean “me,” though I imagine countless others feel the same way. In March of that year Pepsi announced it was giving out just 2,000 cans of an all-new flavor. The cola company had partnered with IHOP for a limited batch Maple Syrup Cola. I, like nearly 100% of the people on this planet, did not get a can of what I imagined was “delicious tree nectar.” Now the two companies are finally atoning for that terrible wrong by offering up something even better. IHOP’s Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola is now available in restaurants as a fountain soda.

A glass of IHOP Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola next to an ice cream float glass
IHOP/Pepsi/Business Wire

IHOP has brought its highly-coveted Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola to participating restaurants around the country. Only, this time it’s as a superior fountain soda option rather than coming in a can. The drink is part of the chain’s expanded iconic menu. Other new items include Cinn-A-Stack and Cupcake House-Made Milkshakes, Kids French Toast Sticks, a Watermelon Splasher, chicken sandwiches, and Silk Oatmeal Cookie Oat Creamer.

Those all sound good, but I haven’t spent two years angry about never trying them like I have “a perfect blend of maple syrup-flavored indulgence with the crisp, refreshing caramel notes of Pepsi.” The company also claims the soda makes for a perfect vanilla float option.

I am very happy to test that claim. Maybe even two (dozen) times if it seems legit.

Neither me nor my fellow aggrieved diners will have long to do that, though. The Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola arrived at participating locations starting on April 1. But it will be available for only a “limited-time.” That is unless we collectively show why only releasing 2,000 cans was such an awful injustice in the first place. If we make our voices/stomachs heard, they’ll know how much they wronged us before.