Celebrate D&D’s 50th Anniversary with an Adorable Baby Red Wyrmling Foam Figure

Everyone knows you can’t put a price tag on a dragon. They’re magical fire creatures of grace and power few foes can oppose. Having even one of them to call your own is invaluable. At least that’s true in fantasy worlds where they own the sky. In our own realm dragons don’t really exist. (We’re like 99% sure they don’t.) Ironically that means you can put a dollar sign on them, because the only way to get one is from a store. And a beautiful new one from WizKids which brings to life a little baby Dungeons & Dragons Red Wyrmling comes with a big price tag.

Wizards of the Coast LLC.

The new D&D Replicas Of The Realms: Red Dragon Wyrmling Foam Figure celebrates the RPG’s 50th anniversary by recreating one of the game’s most visually striking figures. But this new collectible doesn’t show the flying leviathan at the height of its powers. This isn’t the beast you normally have to roll to beat. This figure is based on the creature’s earliest days. This young version of Dungeons & Dragons‘ Red Dragon Wyrmling appears as an adorable baby. Instead of bathing enemies in flames, he looks eager to eat some chicken nuggets or play peekaboo with his mama.

The Wyrmling figure might be of a small child dragon, but it’s not small. This D&D creature figure measures just a shade under two-and-a-half feet. It’s also, strangely enough, pretty safe to have around actual babies. It’s “made of sturdy, lightweight foam and hand-painted to show off every tooth, scale, and claw in incredible detail.”

Wizards of the Coast LLC.

What’s not tiny about this delightful item is how much it costs. You can pre-order your Red Dragon Wyrmling Foam Figure now for $649.99. With a price tag like that, hopefully, your coin purse has a few gold coins at the bottom you forgot about. For those who do, this baby dragon should arrive at your home sometime in the spring of 2024. Until then, start stocking up on foam nuggets.

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