Hamsters sniffing n’ sleuthing their way through mazes never ceases to… amaze. Not only can they make their way through “lava”-filled mazes, but the wee mammals can even play a 5-D game of Find the Cheese. Now, another hamster—named Captain Hamster—is showing off his skills in a video game-like maze. One that reveals the hamster’s uncanny ability to beat level after level like a pro.

Digg found the above video of Captain Hamster crushing the complex course, which the hamster’s owner recently posted to their YouTube channel. Unfortunately, Captain Hamster’s owner hasn’t yet posted much about who they are, and only has a single other video. (One featuring Captain Hamster making his way through a “dungeon maze.”)

“To pass all the tests, Captain Hamster needs to use his brain!” the hamster’s owner says in the video’s description. “This time the tests are very difficult, but Captain Hamster easily overcomes them!”

This hamster has an uncanny ability to make his way through video game-like mazes.

Captain Hamster