An adorable hamster finding its way through a maze? Amazing. Two adorable hamsters finding their way through a maze with five different levels? The best thing ever, as proven by this video showing them cleverly navigating a complex course in both directions. But even better than watching them make it from one end to the other is seeing them enjoy the tasty rewards they earned for a job well done.This video (which we came across at Laughing Squid) is from the YouTube channel The Secret Life of My Hamster. It features five different colorful cardboard mazes, each with a unique path and obstacles, that are designed to be stacked on top of one another. Up first, going from the top level to the bottom, is a gold hamster. He is followed by a gray hamster who makes the journey in reverse, starting from the bottom and working his way to the top as a new level is added each time he reaches a doorway. Watching them peak, climb, and ultimately find their way is somehow both exhilarating and relaxing, but the highlight of this video is seeing them enjoy their “trophies” at the end.

I have a request. When I finally exit the maze of life for good, please put this image and nothing else on my tombstone.All trophies should be food-based and we should be given one anytime we have to walk up or down five staircases. Considering how amazing it is to see hamsters rewarded for that, think how happy you’d be if you were too.

Images: The Secret Life of My Hamsters