7 Helpful Tips For New Players Embarking Onto The ‘Sea of Thieves’

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Whether it’s griefers or weapon glitches, Sea of Thieves isn’t without its flaws. But even though the co-op pirate adventure game gets a lot of flak, we still think it’s pretty awesome. From navigating rough waters with your closest friends to battling a colossal sea monster, these experiences are both unforgettable and unique. That’s why I want to help my fellow pirates get off on the right pegleg—er, foot. So, without further ado, here are 7 helpful tips for new players.

1. Need a pig crate, chicken coop, or snake basket? You can get them from the merchant NPC at any outpost.

Twitter / @SeaOfThieves
If you love the Merchant Alliance like I do, you probably know that these voyages require a great deal of patience. Unless you trust this list on Reddit, you’re basically stuck hopping from island to island looking for the animals you need. Luckily, you don’t have to travel around the world for animal traps, as you can get them from the merchant NPC at any outpost. Just don’t lose them because you can’t get extra ones. Cue the sad trombone.

2. Not sure which direction the wind is blowing? Check the flag!

Twitter / @TheDarkLoraxDM

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell which direction the wind is blowing. Is it due west? Is it south-by-southeast? What do these nautical terms even mean? If you’re not sure, just look up at the flag atop the crow’s nest. You’ll want to angle your sails in that direction.  To turn the sails faster ask one of your crewmates to hop onto the other side. If there’s one thing you should remember, it’s this: full sails are happy sails.

3. Need to hide a valuable chest? Put it inside a less valuable chest.

Twitter / @SeaOfThieves
In the middle of a Gold Hoarders quest? Well, here’s a little trick. Treasure chests are like Russian nesting dolls in that you can stack them inside of each other. Whenever my husband and I set off for an outpost, we always hide the most valuable chest inside a less valuable one. It takes a moment to get the positioning right, but once you do, it’s a clever way to keep your chests safe from other players.

4. Use your spyglass sparingly.

Microsoft Screenshot / Star Intercept
Unless you want to light up like a Christmas tree, you should only use your spyglass only when absolutely necessary. It’s great for spotting shipwrecks and barrels (and zooming up on your crew mate’s faces), but it makes you highly visible to enemy players. If you have to use it, I’d recommend scanning the ocean first with the naked eye. If you’re really hungry for a fight and want other players to know you’re looking at them, go ahead and spyglass the crap out of them.

5. Turn off your lanterns.

Twitter / @SeaOfThieves
If you want your ship to blend in with the darkness, you should turn off all of your lanterns during the night cycle. This includes the ones inside the ship as well. Switching off your lanterns makes you hard to see. This is useful when you’re on a time-sensitive voyage and want to sail the seas relatively undetected. Plus, if you’ve got dark sails, you’re basically invisible to other players. My husband and I lovingly refer to this as “stealth mode.”

6. Snakes become docile when you play music.

Twitter / @shacknews
If you’ve ever tangoed with a snake in this game, you probably know how temperamental they are. I absolutely loathe the fact that they can spit poison at you from a considerable distance. Whether you’re just running by or capturing one, it doesn’t matter, they’ll always have a bone to pick with you. That said, you can put them in a trance by playing music. So, when the time comes to capture one, crack out that accordion and do what you do best.

7. Raise your sails when you get close to an island.

Twitter / @SeaofThieves
Unless you’re trying to crash your ship on purpose, you should always raise your sails when approaching an island. Whether it’s a sloop or a galleon, they go a lot faster than you think they do. Raising your sails decreases your speed and gives you better control over your ship. You can make much tighter turns, too. While it won’t stop you from careening into a sandbar, it’ll lessen the damage.

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