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You read the book, right? Of course you did! Now here are some examples of what a Nerd Map looks like. Start by asking yourself the tough questions like, "What do I want" and "What steps do I need to take to achieve total world domination?" Then, bust out your Character Tome and get to designing your own Nerd Map.

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Samantha Danielle

Fact: nerds are everywhere. Samantha has been in the Air Force for 11 years and is working towards becoming an Officer. Armed with skillful weapons such as writing & mentoring, Samantha has plotted out the steps it'll take for her to make it into OTS.
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Ian Ellis

Ian wants to perform 100 nights in a row, spend more time with family, and put out an album, among other things. Armed with creative, comedic, & writing skills, Ian is ready to take charge of his 2012.
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Brandon Norman

Intensely focused on writing & comedy, Brandon plans to plus up his portfolio while upping the ante with a weekly blog and podcast. Let the material floweth!
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Nicole Mendez

This Nerd specimen is striking a balance between creative projects and personal enrichment while keeping the Mayan calendar in the forefront of her mind.
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Mike Niedzwiecki

Newlywed Quoben Silberkin is aiming to complement his upgrades in health, responsibility, and maintenance with a healthy dose of relationship enhancing actions.