We know Homelander and Billy Butcher are sworn enemies. But as The Boys has shown many times, they also have a lot in common. That’s also true of the two actors who play them. The unhinged Supe might fly around with the red, white, and blue flapping around his neck, but Antony Starr himself is a native New Zealander, as is his co-star Karl Urban. But their shared home is just one of the things the two discussed in a delightful The Boys “For Your Consideration” video from Prime Video.

Oi, Amazon! Don’t make us like Homelander this much. We have a lot invested in hating that guy. Not that we could ever hate Antony Starr, someone who desperately deserves an Emmy nomination for playing television’s most terrifying monster. He’s so good in the role it’s nearly impossible to imagine anyone donning his Supe suit. But that easily could have happened if Starr hadn’t ended up becoming an actor, something, he revealed in this video, he never wanted to be.

That’s the complete opposite of how Urban ended up in front of the camera. His desire to act started at the age of eight. He grew up around movies because his mom worked on “film facilities.” Because of her he got to experience “the sense of unity” and “family” crews had when they’d screen the movie they just worked on.

The Boys Antony Starr and Karl Urban sit opposite one another in conversation
Prime Video

All fans of The Boys will want to check out this conversation for some on-screen insights, too. The two also talked about filming scenes together and what goes into their performances.

Everything about this chat is delightful, minus the length. This is way too short. We could watch these two—whether as Homelander and Butcher or Antony and Karl—go back and forth all night. That’s something we hope Prime Video considers with future For Your Consideration videos.