The Boys season three has had one major question: Will Homelander die? It’s the big goal that’s brought nearly everyone together from the Boys to Starlight to Maeve and even Soldier Boy, who doesn’t even like his own biological son. And this episode gives us the answer that we kind of already knew. Homelander will live to see another day in this universe and return for The Boys season four. While he’s always been a secretly vile human being, he brings it to the light for all to see. And, this big episode hints at him getting even worse next season. 

Homelander stares into the distance the boys
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Here’s all the terrible things Homelander does in The Boys season three finale:

Homelander Kills Noir

Homelander kills Noir for no other reason than he’s mad about him withholding the truth about his parentage. It’s a sad and shocking way to see this silent yet relatively good (in Boys/Payback terms anyway) character go. And he exhibits no remorse for it at all. He even goes on to admit what he did in front of Ashley, A-Train, and the Deep before essentially disowning them too.

Homelander Gouges Maeve’s Eye Out 

The Boys’ great Vought Tower battle is one to remember. Yes, we get a flying Starlight and Maeve sacrifices herself (and subsequently her powers) to save everyone from Homelander. But the big fight between Homelander and Maeve show just how much she is sick of his sh*t and just wants him to die. Even after Homelander takes Maeve’s eye out with his brute strength, she continues to fight with all the strength she has. But, thanks to Soldier Boy being willing to kill Ryan, Homelander doesn’t die. 

Homelander Kills a Man at a Rally… and His Supporters Cheer 

Homelander’s been building his band of supporters who buy into his “cancel culture” bullsh*t all season long. Of course, we obviously know who he’s being modeled after in this case. But it goes to a new level in the finale Homelander lasers a Starlight supporter’s head off in front of a crowd and Todd, of all people, leads them in cheering. Knowing that he can 1) do what he wants in broad daylight and 2) have no consequences for his actions is a very scary reality. And who knows what Homelander can influence his followers/fans to do in The Boys season four.

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Homelander Begins to Craft Ryan in His Own Image

This is perhaps the most disturbing part of it all. Homelander has taken Ryan, his child who already felt abandoned/betrayed by Butcher among other things, under his evil wings. Ryan’s latched onto him as a father figure and Homelander is living his dream of having a family. Homelander even introduces Ryan to the world and shows off his powers, clearly intent on continuing the legacy of the supes with a new generation. And, Ryan’s creepy and proud smile at watching his dad kill a man means we will have not one but two antagonists in season four. Big Yikes.

So there you have it. Homelander somehow manages to get even worse by the season finale and there’s no one around to oppose him. A-Train is essentially trapped with nowhere to go. The Deep would never try and is too weak to challenge him. Ashley cannot control him. And Maeve is reclaiming her life far, far away from Vought. Starlight is with the Boys now, but with Butcher’s grim diagnosis, things are rocky in that group. We are already ready for another round to see what Homelander does next.