Update, 3/29: A Note from Misha Collins

Misha Collins, Castiel on Supernatural, shared a note on Friday about the upcoming end of the long-running series. He started working on the show in 2008. As he says in his heartwarming letter, his role of Castiel was only supposed to last for a small number of episodes. It became more. The show is just starting its hiatus before they begin filming the fifteenth and final season. And this note is giving me feels, especially because it spells out what the fandom has become and all the positive changes it has helped happen. I hope the SPN Family will live on after the series finale.

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Supernatural is coming to an end. Dean and Sam Winchester having been carrying on the family business of saving people and hunting things for years and years, but they’ll be able to lay their weary heads to rest soon. Season 15 of Supernatural will be the final season.

Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), and Misha Collins (Castiel) announced the upcoming end of The CW series on Friday. They talked to the crew first and then delivered the message directly to the fans. The Supernatural fandom is no joke; it’s meaningful that they relayed the news directly.

Watch those very good boys try not get emotional talking about leaving their roles and their family behind.

Fifteen seasons is an incredibly long run, and I can’t imagine how close the crew has become. The fandom calls itself a family, too. I’ve certainly experienced the fandom’s warmth and loyalty to the show while attending Supernatural conventions and San Diego Comic-Con. Dean, Sam, and Castiel mean so much to so many.

The Winchesters have fought demons, angels, wendigos, ghosts, curses—you name it. They’ve had time and opportunities few series receive to experiment with tone and format; they’ve broken the fourth wall, had a musical episode, and even did an animated mash-up with Scooby-Doo. It can hurt when your favorite show ends, but it’s been a good, often heartbreaking run.

Season 15 of Supernatural doesn’t have an official premiere date yet, but if it follows the debuts of previous seasons, you can expect it on The CW in fall 2019.

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