Raise your hand if you miss Prime Video’s The Legend of the Vox Machina. My hand is definitely up. The animated series that brings adventures from Critical Role to the screen in an all-new way wrapped its first season on February 18. And we will get a second season with more episodes soon. But until then, it’s easy to get your Vox Machina fix. Critical Role has hours upon hours of videos. As someone just falling into this fandom, I immediately wanted more. Luckily, the rabbit hole stretches on and on. The cast of Critical Role is currently playing their third campaign. The Vox Machina campaign alone has over 100 episodes. So if you’re wondering how to get more of Vox Machina, here’s where to watch those Critical Role episodes.

Animated still of Vox Machina in Critical Role's animated series
Prime Video

Critical Role started as a group of voice actor friends playing Dungeons & Dragons. Geek & Sundry started streaming their gameplay in 2015. The group was in the midst of playing their first campaign at the time. That first campaign featured the heroic group known as Vox Machina that we see in the animated series: Vex’ahlia (Laura Bailey), Vax’ildan (Liam O’Brien), Keyleth (Marisha Ray), Pike (Ashley Johnson), Grog (Travis Willingham), Percy (Taliesin Jaffe), and Scanlan (Sam Riegel). Matthew Mercer ran the game (and runs all the Critical Role games).

Though it’s not tied directly to the plot of The Legend of Vox Machina (aside from featuring the characters), I recommend watching the very first streamed session to kick things off.

I’m slowly working my way through the campaign in order because I’m a completionist. This playlist on Geek & Sundry‘s YouTube collects all of Critical Role‘s Vox Machina campaign. If you’d like to dip into right into The Legend of Vox Machina finale and watch the session with the Briarwoods and the wild ziggurat situation, here you go:

You can also take in episodes leading to that finale with “ The Path to Whitestone” and “ The Sun Tree.” But truly, the Briarwoods have a large role in the first campaign. Remember they’re adapting 22 minute episodes from dozens (hundreds, really) hours of gameplay. So if you just want more time with the Vox Machina crew and need to hear more of Scanlan’s songs and feel more of Grog and Pike’s adorable friendship, start working through the playlist for the Vox Machina campaign. When you’re ready to dive into even more Critical Role or if you want to jump ahead to the third campaign, visit their YouTube channel.

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