It will never matter how old I am, I will always instinctively turn and run when I hear an ice cream truck go by. But, because I am an adult, these days I collect myself and quickly walk to buy something ridiculous. Some things you simply never outgrow, like a delicious frozen treat purchased from a sidewalk on a hot day. But the next time I have to choose which sweet to eat, I might not opt for Popsicle’s SpongeBob Squarepants bar. The company has given the famous fry cook‘s bar a makeover and we’re not sure who will prefer this new look.

A hand holding the stick for a red and yellow smiling SpongeBob Squarepants frozen treat from Popsicle

Popsicle has announced a brand-new, updated take on its SpongeBob SquarePants frozen confection bar. The company calls the design a “lovingly drawn sketch-style” interpretation of the iconic Nickelodeon character.

“We were inspired by the many fun faces of SpongeBob SquarePants to create our new sketch-inspired design in a doodled aesthetic,” said Bentley King, U.S. Head of Ice Cream Operations, in a press release. “Capturing his silly smile, his loveable nature beams at fans after seeing what’s behind the wrapper. It is JUST as tasty as the original fruit punch & cotton candy SpongeBob single-serve bar.”

It might be just as tasty, but we’re not sure it looks better. And it is not because Popsicle replaced the gumball eyes with chocolate ones. They did that last summer. (I promise that was a welcome change for parents worried about choking hazards.) This is the most recent version of the frozen confection bar.


That looks like SpongeBob Squarepants. A lot more than the new design does. And it’s not like that old version didn’t qualify as a “sketch-style” treat. SpongeBob is an animated character. He’s already “sketch-style!”

Popsicle created the new bars with Nickelodeon and Paramount Consumer Products. You can grab yours at stores nationwide in six-count packs rather than individually. To buy just one you’ll need to find an ice cream truck where you’ll be too excited to care how much this doesn’t really look like SpongeBob.